Headphones only run-in?

A question if I may? OldNait has a new Nait - an SN3 to be precise.

Is it possible to ‘run in’ the above amp, with only headphones attached? A small matter of cables not arriving, a one week wait and impatience to try…



I doubt it. I imagine that there are separate amps for headphones and speakers.

I wait to be corrected.

Thank you. That was my fear, but worth asking.

Well i thought you would be able to, because when you connect the headphones you disengage the speakers and main amplifier. And now i’ll wait to be corrected.

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That was my original thought; trying to get current flowing and to get the amp running asap.

As my understanding, most amps have to have a resistive load (speakers) and as you are directing that load to the headphones you are making the amp completely safe.

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If you are worried about the volume music playing while running in, connect the speakers out of phase and face them towards each other about 6” apart.

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No speaker cable or connectors at this moment - I’ll not be tempted to banana plug into the new amp

To clarify the answer for the benefit of others: NAIM tech support helpfully confirmed that burning the amp in with headphones only is perfectly safe. I’m amazed how much the sound has now improved at circa 100 hours

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