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Hi, I have been a longtime user of a Naim Superuniti since its first release and use it successfully with Naim Arivas, Naim CD5x and Rega record deck and preamp. I also have a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones, purchased when I lived abroad in the Middle East and travelled widely with various mobile sound sources. I am now resident in UK and have tried using the Boses at home with the Superuniti system (using headphone 3.5mm socket at front) and have not been able to achieve any sound from them. This arrangement would be useful for late night listening. Can anyone explain what the problem might be. I have had the Superuniti serviced and the headphone socket checked out recently so that has already eliminated some possibilities.

Hi Echoplex.

What model Bose headphone?
What happens when you plug a regular (i.e. non-cancelling) headphone in?
What happens when you plug the Bose into another 3.5mm headphone jack?
Is the Bose cable different from a standard (non-cancelling) 3.5mm cable?

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Are your Bose phones wireless? I am assuming they probably are. In which case, do they need to be powered to use in a standard 3.5mm socket? Some wireless phones do, some don’t.

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Thank you je greenwood for your interest, reply and questions.

Here are my answers:

  1. The headphones are Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Noise Cancelling On Ear Headphones in good condition, in charged condition (ie light shining, indicating fully charged).
  2. Unfortunately I don’t have any other headphones to try.
  3. The Bose headphones operate fine with my kitchen radio 3.5mm socket , cutting out the radio speakers simultaneously to provide good stereo sound via the headphones.
  4. The Bose headphones have a straight narrow lead leading direct to their 3.5mm jack.

Interestingly, when the Bose headphones are plugged into the Superuniti, my sound system speakers (Naim Arivas) cut out as they should, but the phones remain silent…

Any ideas please?

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No, they are not wireless.

They operate via a 3.5mm jack and lead direct to a 3.5mm socket on a sound source.

For some reason the headphone socket on my Naim Superuniti does not provide them with a signal or suitable signal from the socket on the Superuniti fascia.

They remain silent but the system speakers cut out, as expected.

Perhaps a switch needs switching on the back of the Superuniti?

This is the information provided by Naim in the SuperUniti online manual (Section 2.6 Headphone socket)

SuperUniti is fitted on its front panel with a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket. Insertion of a headphone plug will mute the speaker, subwoofer and preamplifier outputs.

Note: SuperUniti controls and stores volume settings separately for headphones and speakers.

Does this help anyone with a solution?
I’ve already tried adjusting the volume to max with the headphones plugged in and still no sound from the headphones…

Have you checked the headphone setting in the menu ?

Just some guessing:

Based on what I read online, the Comfort Noise 3s do not work in passive mode. The electronics on the phones need to be on. I would bet that the Naim is expecting passive headphones. I wonder if this affects the nature of the cable.

The simplest way to test this out would be to find some passive headphones. Even Apple earbuds with the old 3.5mm connector. If they work, I think the problem is cable related.

Once we are at it, can anyone imagine how you would run a wireless Bose on the SU? Any kind of bluetooth sender into one of the outputs?

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