I already have both a Naim atom and nova. I was thinking of Gerri g high end headphones. Would the devices I have be acceptable for the headphones, or do I need the atom HE. Thanks for any advice.

Sorry for not editing. What I meant to ask is I already have both a Naim atom and Nova. I was thinking of getting high end headphones. Would the output from the atom or nova support the features of the headphones or would I need to also get a Naim atom HE?

You will certainly get better headphone performance from the HE, and they will drive a much wider range of more demanding headphones. You will need to buy a power amp though. Depends on your priorities.

Second that.

Yes, assuming you get what you need from the Nova, and don’t need the Atom to power other needed speakers… The HE will be much better performance. I have the Atom, but do not find the HP out to be anything special. I’m currently looking for a better amp to be driven by my other DAC or the Atom as pre/source.

Thanks for your help. I don’t quite understand about needing a power amp. If I got the Naim HE, don’t I just plug in the headphones? Or if I don’t get the HE, then I’d need the amp? Thanks. Total beginner here

I assumed as you were also considering the regular Atom that you wanted to use it with speakers as well. Thus you would need to buy a separate power amp (or active speakers) if you went for the HE.
If you are using headphones only, then yes, definitely get the HE, and not a power amp.

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