Height of NAC 32.5 and NAC 122X / NAP 150X including feet

Can anyone tell the total height of NAC 32.5 and NAC 122X / NAP 150X including the feet? (in mm)
I want to adjust the shelf height

thank you

Do you use google search engine? Just look for the manuals.
122/150 70mm


sorry, I can find that information, but I want to know total height including it’s rubber feet
thank you

The dimensions Robert gave you include the feet. I’ve just measured my NDX2 and checked the specs Naim provide online just to check the quoted height does include the feet. A Shoebox sized item (such as your 32.5) is 82mm (measured using my CB NAP 140)


Thank you @robert_h and @james_n
so for classic series NAC122X/NAP150X height is 70 mm include rubber feet and for CB model NAC32.5/NAC62/NAC72/NAP140 is 82mm include rubber feet


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