Hell is

Other people
Other people and their dogs


Other people.
Other people, rarely their dogs.


Just… people.


Broadly speaking, dogs are a freakin’ menace, barking, yapping, running around wildly, jumping up at people and occasionally biting. However, they all seem to have one common problem - their owners, who have little if any control over them. So yeah, we’re back to

other people.

Disclaimer: I love dogs and love being around them, but I’m allergic to them so I’ve never owned one.


If only there was a simple rule that says

“You may only let your dog off a lead in public IF YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL OF THEM”. I.e. One call, and they return

Simple really. My wife and I love logs, but my wife is very cautious of dogs in public. Many a time a dog comes running up to us off a lead, barking at us, and all the owner says is “Ah, dont worry he’s really friendly”. And then some jump up at you and place their muddy paw prints all over your cloths.

Sorry but that is not acceptable, and I often wonder how they would feel if I charged towards the owner shouting as loud as I could waving my arms, within an inch of their face, then my wife can say, “Ah, dont worry he’s really friendly”

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How about:
Living just across from a couple who live mainly in London, and operate their 2nd home as a dog friendly holiday rental. So in the summer holiday time, there’s a constant weekly change of people coming on holiday with their dogs who don’t care about the neighbours of the place they’ve rented, and don’t care about the multiple of dogs they own barking constantly while you’re in your garden just trying to peacefully relax.
The aforementioned couple own 9 dogs.

People who don’t like dogs :laughing:

In all seriousness, as dog owners, hell is other people’s untrained dogs and irresponsible dog owners.


Moving it on before canine war breaks out, contemporary society.

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Other peoples’ cats….:scream_cat:


From a forum few years ago. Maybe an older version of this one:

“I imagine the seventh circle of hell would look exactly like the Trafford Centre. I can’t recall ever witnessing such a clash of styles, each one tackier and more-downmarket than the last. It should be a compulsory field-trip on every architecture course: a blinged-up chav-filled gold-encrusted pink fake marble beacon of absolute wrongness.“


Ooh, on dangerous ground now

:smile_cat: :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

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The “Old……” part ain’t so hot either……

(MCFC joke)

Similar to some above posts, I am good with well kept/cared for cats/pets….its the ones that someone must ‘own’ however (the cats) seem to spend most of their time in other peoples’ gardens mercilessly killing the birds, voles, field mice, etc. every day and shi***ng on the lawn…

Used to have a dog, never had a cat…other than circa 4/5 of the neighbours little buggers that seem to think our garden is theirs…

YorkshirePud, if I were a cat I would travel a good end to #### on your well trimmed lawn. It looks so nice (seen photo elsewhere on the forum)



Its’ the loss of wildlife that frustrates…we work hard to increase the biodiversity and have seen good increases in bird numbers/species.
To see them killed every day does not feel good.


Try lemon juice in a water pistol (other acidic juices are available) - when they lick themselves, they will hopefully associate it with your garden and keep away

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Not feeling guilty.

We have two large Norwegian Forest cats, but they’re house cats and not allowed out.

One suspects if they did leave the premises chaos would ensue. They’re larger than most of the local dogs and have very sharp claws.

Dogs are not the problem it is humans who are unable to train them and set the boundaries that dogs need to feel secure. A well-trained dog is very unlikely to be yappy.

Of course, there are a few traumatised dogs, who have been maltreated and abused by humans and they need to be given kindness and care and a bit of leeway whilst being given firm but gentle boundaries.


The amount of people round about us who believe taking their dog to a six week puppy training class counts as “they’re well trained” is quite scary. Given since Covid around 80% of households around us have dogs that’s a lot of poorly trained dogs.

Our Boxer was two last week and every single activity during every day is a training opportunity for reinforcement of learnt behaviour.

Pays off in the end - in contact with our dog’s litter parents last weekend at birthday time. One brother has to be caged or he destroys furniture, one is not dog friendly and one cannot be let off the lead or he won’t recall.

I have no sympathy for the owners. A bigger breed dog requires a lot of work. I feel sorry for the dogs.


I had a stint of training dogs for a while. I found that I was training the owners, not the dogs.