Hello again...

Smithfire here. Only just checked in again since the new site.

Hope everybody is good?

There is going to be some movement this year regarding my set up. Have just purchased a Nap 140 and now saving for a Nac 72 to replace my aging Nait 3 (24 years solid service) and am looking forward to to gains from that.

I also have a question regarding the MM boards that fit into the 72. Are they better, when serviced, than the Rega Fono MM stage that I’m using with my P6 at the moment?

Many thanks


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Welcome back Smithfire.

Your question on the phono boards is interesting but I should imagine hard to answer. All I would say is that a Rega phono stagec will be matched to a Rega cartridge.

Good luck.


Thanks Lindsay

Thats a very good point.

Guess the only way I’ll know is to suck it and see!


If it’s any help: When used with the Rega Exact on a P5 the internal phono stage of the Nait 2 bettered the Rega Fono MM. The Rega system synergy often extends to Naim.

The 72 MM phono board should be at least the same level as the Nait 2’s.

Rega and MC is a different story, from my experience P6 / Ania / Fono MC is one coherently designed & matched system, use the Naim RCA > DIN lavender interconnect to hook up the Fono to the 72.

Have fun, both options will be very enjoyable!


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@Richard.Dane thank you for the moderations, still keeps the essence of my reply. I had forgotten about the modifications, sorry!

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