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Hello everyone. I’ve recently entered into Naim ownership and found this place so I thought I’d join. I’ve been upgrading my 90’s hifi system over the last couple of years and I’ve ended up pretty happy with what I’ve got: Rega RP3/Exact/Neo PSU; Rega Apollo; Superuniti; Rega RS3. I also have my TV and an Airport Express connected to the SU via optical. Cables are what I had lying around so will be my next upgrade - I’m think Chord for the analogue and digital I/Cs and NAC A5 for the speaker cable. Also tempted by a Hifi racks podium stand and Rega wall bracket and would appreciate thoughts. I’ll post in the System Pics 2020 at the weekend when I’ve tidied the current cable spaghetti…

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Welcome. You have a good taste/ system: I’m still in loved with the SU.

Welcome, Rega and Naim a good mix.

Although I’ve been guilty of spending unconscionable money on cables on my journey I’d recommend a bit of caution here. NACA5 is a good choice. There’s usually some on PFM classifieds which can take some of the pain on price (and burn in, if you’re a believer in that).

One of the few purchases I scold myself over were expensive chord cables. They were overpriced, lost over 50% if purchased new, and are superseded at a rate that would put vaccine production to shame.

I’d recommend spending sensible money on cables and then only if there is a need. Any money saved could be used on a music streaming service or Roon. Things that add real value.


Welcome to the naim community.

Welcome to the Forum. That’s a nice setup you have. If using NACA5, either Naim standard interconnects or Rega Couple 2 would work really well. For what it’s worth I use Tellurium Q Black 2 and it’s a nice cable and not too pricy. As sjb says, Chord change their range very frequently and it’s certainly put me off. For stands, Quadraspire is very good, particularly the bamboo version. If you keep an eye out you can pick up Naim Fraim used for a very sensible price, often little more tan you’d pay for a brand new but much lesser rack. I once tried the basic Hifi Racks stand - the Slimline - at is was dreadful, with a heavy leaden sound. Their more expensive racks might be better but lighter racks are often more effective than big heavy solid hardwood jobs. The Rega wallshelf is super and a good place to keep the P3.

Bienvenue, Welcome

You’ll find some good people and advice here,
Yes, I too would look at cables theres some by Witch Hat: N2 & Phantom seem populare as well as Naim NACA5, which can be tricky to flex around corners.

Thanks - early days but I’m very impressed with the SU

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Thanks. I’m hoping to home demo a variety of cables. What I have now appear to be working well and I’ll only upgrade if I hear an improvement. I’m a few days into a free trail of Tidal - I suspect I’ll be cancelling Spotify, although Spotify Connect is a much nicer interface

Thanks - some food for thought…

I have cable running under & around the fireplace in plastic conduit. Prior to Naim I had Audiolab & used RA ‘Kimber’ 8PR, its very high C & low L is a big no-no for Naim amps so it had to go.
I tried NACA5 & found it very stiff & unwieldy in my situation & most important that it was not possible to feed through the conduit - & I’m an ex electrical engineer & well experienced in pulling thru conduit.
I looked around & tried a number of brands/models & eventually chose Chord Odyssey, its flexible & has an inert outer cover that bends & stays in the shape thats formed. A nice cable to use, very neat & discrete & it sounds good as well.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. Nice setup!
My first Naim piece was a Supeuniti as well. I sold it on when I moved to an SN2/NDS, and I really wish I had kept it. It just did everthing so well, in such a nice effective package. I have a couple of spots that I would be using it right now.
Mais, c’est la vie …

Second for Chord Odyssey. Punchy and not too bright (or expensive). Also changed for the same reason…found the Naim cables far too unwieldy.

Or keep both. I find Spotify good for finding new music but SQ on Tidal better. Many on here prefer Qobuz over Tidal but I haven’t tried that yet.

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Welcome to the Forum.Had the Exact with P3 red and I really appreciated it.Big improve over the Elys.

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