Hello, Newby

I’m a Newby here and this is my first post. I’m something of a time traveller. I’m here after a 25 year hiatus blinking and squinting into 2020’s. The 1990’s were something of a difficult decade for me. My classic Linn/Naim system was somewhat degraded by a difficult decade from a business perspective and a son (aged 15) deciding to try dad’s Linn/Ekos/Troika as a platform for scratching. :frowning:
Living in a London mid terrace it wasn’t, also perhaps the best place to play music at reasonable volumes. I also had to share the living room with the rest of the family.
Now I’m approaching retirement and I’m in a new house with an actual dedicated music room (snug). Ho Hoo!
I dug the kit out of storage and sent it back to the factory for refurbishment. The Linn/Ekos/ Troika (Pink Linked) has been disassembled and the Troika sent to Goldring for a re-build. They thought the tale of my son’s scratching quite amusing. :slight_smile:
The 72/hiCap/250 is now back working beautifully.
Today I took delivery of a refurbished NDX 2 streamer which is absolutely awesome. Hello new Naim world. I see the next few years as a wonderful time to upgrade and buy new kit. A lovely journey.

I hope This is ok by the forums etiquette ?


Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy yourself here, I can recommend the Music Room as a place to hang out.
And ouch for the below.

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the tip.

What a lovely time of life you have reached…
Bet your glad you keep your old gear!!

Welcome to the forum…try not to fall into the upgrade trap too soon …

Welcome. Will be interesting to hear what the balance of your listening is - vinyl or streaming?

I’m Just enjoying it again. It’s changed such lot though. I have to remember, that when I was first buying stuff, eBay wasn’t even in existence. I have to display a bit of discipline now.

Right now it’s streaming, as the Troika’s currently off with Goldring and won’t be back before February.


Wonderful opening post and welcome to the forum!

…the journey continues and looking forward to reading about your next chapter.

Thank you. I’m quite excited. As you say the journey continues. I’m sure I’ll annoy a few dealers but also the tantalising thought of selling me new speakers will drive them I’m sure.
Right now I have a pair of Acoustic Energy Neo II’s which are a stop-gap. I bought them on eBay for only £150.00 and they are actually better than they ought to be. I still hanker for the Snell Type K’s I used to own, but the new room’s different and I’ll have to start again. The Snell Type K’s unfortunately disintegrated because of age and I needed something to just fill the gap short term.

I’ve forgiven him now as he’s 35 (and married) and we now work together. I don’t let him forget it however. :slight_smile:


One of the speakers that I still miss from along the way to Harbeth M30.1 is a pair of snell jII’s. However they also disintegrated b/I - (before internet), so they were basically unrepairable. I just aded an ndx2 (new) and am surprised if you found one re-furbished - either way so far mine is a great jukebox and still figuring it out and enjoying it. Anyway enjoy the music and the dedicated room.

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Welcome to the forum

Happiness is a NAC 72 :heart_eyes:


Benjy, It popped up on an eBay auction last week from a dealer in the north. Factory refurb and warranty. I spent most of yesterday playing music and exploring Tidal.

Welcome. Linn Kans or Kabers next?

Hi Fifty,

Indeed welcome to this place of the lunatic fringe. Great system you have, just make sure to keep the key to your pension locker somewhere, where you can’t reach it! :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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For a 72 / HiCap / 250?

No, no, no, at least Isobariks. The 72 is far too good to waste on Kan’s or Kabers; ok, Kans if you absolutely must due to room size.

After some good speakers the next thing to arrive should be an XPSDR (or s/h 555DR) for the NDX2! (I’ve heard it ‘naked’ and with an external PSU - the PSU does give a remarkable uplift in sound quality; hence PeterR’s comment)

Audionote Ks are a direct descendant of the Snells.

Xanthe, I am very open minded about speakers. It’s been such a long time since I dipped my toe in the water. I didn’t use to like Linn speakers back in the day, nor Naim ones for that matter. I had friends (some of who were HiFi journalists) who had them and they took every occasion to pay them to me in the hope I’d repent and join the club. I’ll give them a fresh listen. The beauty of now having the NDX 2 is that I can just pitch up at a dealer with a list rather than a bag of LPs.

Welcome to the Forum and welcome back to music! I think that your story of being “out” of hi fi for a while, and then coming back, is pretty common. I took a long break from having good music at home (the cd age…brickwalled cd’s…small kids…thinking about other things…) to re-kindling my music listening at home and hi fi interests in 2011. Kids grabbing tonearms is familiar.

I hope that listening again to the music that you love brings you a lot of joy!

That’s really interesting. I note that they’ll be at the Bristol HiFi Show, so I guess I’ll pop along on the Friday. I think I need to scope out the rest, although I’m not a great fan of shows as I find I become “blind” after a couple of hours.