New joiner and wanting to say Hi to everyone here.

I’ve just paid and awaiting delivery of my first Naim system - I’ve purchased the Naim XS 3 and ND5 XS 2 - this is a significant step up for me and I’m really quite excited!

For several years I’ve had ‘hand me downs’ - my current system is a modded 8000a Audiolab and Cambridge Audio’s CXn V2 - my speakers are Vienna Accoustic Bach, floorstanders.

Looking forward to any advice/pointers


Welcome CW.

You will enjoy your new system, no problem. It’s well balanced. Nothing to add, eventually an hicap to the xs3 . But not absolutely necessary.

You need a dedicated switch, like a netgear gs105 and 2 Ethernet cables.
Or you can use Wifi if your WiFi is strong.
In a few months you will have Qobuz integrated. For now only Tidal.

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Exactly what I have, a great sounding system. It’s a good DAC in the streamer as l am running an old (17 years at least) Sony CD player into the optical input and my cd sound rivals the streaming music from Tidal!

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Thanks for the welcome and the heads up re the switch, I’m going to look into picking that up. I’m signed up to Tidal and looking forward to hearing the difference with what I have currently - forgot to say, I also have the Rega P1 TT - wish I had the P3 but this’ll do for now!

Welcome CW :slight_smile:
It’s good here

But…kiss your wallet goodbye! :shushing_face:


Welcome! Your new system will hopefully be a real eye (ear) opener! My first Naim system which was rather modest vs where I am today blew away what I had owned previously at much greater cost. I suspect your well balanced Nait/ND system will make you enjoy music in a way you have not previously. The Naim sound is certainly less HiFi than most but has a quality that attracts you like a magnet. Naim systems seem to makes music so much more enjoyable! As daft as that sounds its true for me. That magnetic quality is no different with a 500 series system as it was with the 202/200 where I started. I hear more now and the quality of reproduction astounds me however the engagement was just as high where I started. I believe Naim have a real unique value here. Enjoy your system and forget the upgrades for a while, you will just want to listen relentlessly for quite some time :grinning::grinning:


Hi CW and welcome to the forum!
That’s some system.
Have fun :blush:

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Welcome, great stuff, you will have lots of enjoyment from it.

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That’s a great well balanced set of electronics, enjoy your music!


Nothing wrong with a P1 either! I‘ve used my daughters P1 when my LP12 was at the dealers for upgrades. Still very enjoyable.

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Welcome in the Naim community, you have a very good system coming your way and I’m sure you’ll rediscover your music all over again. Make sure to visit the Music Room, that’s where we exchange suggestions and comments about music from all genre and source


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Welcome CW. You will Love Naim musical presentation. Happy listening

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Welcome to the forum! That’s a nice, well-balanced system. And having owned a network streamer player in the past, I take it that you already have a networked music server? That part is the most daunting for new Naim ND player owners, it seems.

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Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome, I’m looking forward to chatting with you all and already grateful for some of the tips that have been given. As for upgrades - I’ve promised my wife that this is it - there’s absolutely no chance I’m going to be able to squeeze anything by her over the next couple of years - I do like the idea of adding a power supply…

I’ll be sure to check out the rest of the boards, thanks again.

Jut a thought @Crashwilliams, but are your speakers loaded in the bottom with sand? I haven’t heard a pair myself but apparently loading with clean dry sand is recommended. Could be a cheap and invisible upgrade and if it doesn’t work, easy to reverse.

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Welcome to the forum.
This is your chance to run away…


Welcome sir - this forum will delight and frustrate you in equal measures. It will provide insights into Naim and how to get the best out of your system, provide recommendations on both equipment and music, and amuse you with obscure musings on, amongst other things, sport, pets, the environment, food and wine.

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It will also cost you a lot of money.


Not sure what speaker cable you intend to use, but Naim Naca5 takes some beating at £30 a metre. Anyway, welcome and enjoy the fun.

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Thanks @marksnaim the speakers are already half full of sand, so already on that one.

@Gazza ill have a look, thanks for the tip - at the moment, my current cabling is from Analysis Plus, its their Oval 12 cable which does sound pretty sweet in my current set-up - lets see how they sound tomorrow - which is when my new system arrives!