Help 135 on-off switch not working

After shutting down my system for the day (painter touching up) reconnected and my right channel 135 wont turn on due to switch not staying in on position- it pops back out (but the amp lights up when switch is in)
So my switch is not functioning
Can I fix this? I’m in USA so hate to ship and lose my music

Let the switch flip back out as fast as possible, then press it in again. I’ve never had an olive amp but on my 500 ps I had rhe same problem and it was because the switch wasn’t coming all the way out so wouldn’t latch when pressed.

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Fixed it
Had to open up amp - nuff said
Music back


I have 6 x 135’s in my Linn/Naim six pack active system and the switches in half of them went like this. I used to “flip” the switches with my finger nail and this usually did the trick. Eventually i had them replaced when the amps went for a service.

I think they (switches) used to be available from RS components in the UK.

Dont think new olive on off switches are available now. Had my 250 serviced by a well respected agent who informed me that they were no longer available, but can be repaired.

What do u mean by “flipped switch with fingernail”?
My switch is again not working :sleepy:

You have to the push the switch very quickly to make it work on or off. It mostly worked for me though there was one time it got stuck on and i removed the button shroud and directly pushed the micro switch.

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press it in and slide your finger off so the spring pushers it back sharply, this works best if your fingernail is the last thing to slide off it.

Fixed now with some excellent help from Chris West of AV Options
Applied a recommended plastic grease lubricant (Labelle 106) to the shaft of the black plunger which is the inside part of the switch that moves in and out when you press the switch.
Then repeatedly pressed the white plunger of the internal switch which helps set the latch that locks the switch in on position. Works perfectly now.
Put it all back together and tightened all my Fraim bits and cleaned the Fraim glass shelves.
Aimee Mann sounding great atm.

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