Help 252/SC/250DR problem

I purchased a new 252/SC/250DR from Cymbiosis september 2022. Two weeks ago I started to get a whooshing sound on the left speaker, then a loud cracking sound, I turned my system off and checked all connections all were OK, after a phone call to Cymbiosis I tried swapping the the speaker leads round at the amp, after an hour of listening the noise returned on the right speaker. I have boxed up all of the kit and taken it to Cymbiosis. They have had it running for a week and it has been fine. I have had my 32.5/ CB Hi cap/ BD 160 running at home for the last two weeks, no problems. Has anybody come across this problem or has any ideas. Thanks Neil

Do you have any of those Ethernet over mains things plugged in?

Hi Robert_h, I only run a lp12 and nat 01 tuner.

Just trying to think of any environmental differences between your room and cymbiosis. ……

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Was the noise volume dependent or not? Did you remove all of the inputs to the 252 and the noise remained?

Hi sktn77a, no the noise was not volume dependent, I did not remove all the inputs but tried all input switches and it was there on all but the av. if I turned on the mute the noise stopped.

But just one channel which moved left to right when you swapped over the speaker leads at the back of the amp?

The noise was on the left speaker and when I swapped the cables over at the amp it moved to the right speaker

These devices put a signal (essentially a modulated form of EMI) on your whole mains electricity circuits. You wouldn’t need a network connection to your HiFi system for it to be affected.

Given that which speaker was affected changed over, it can’t be at that end that has a problem. Can you start switching 1 box at a time?

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Pretty much implicates the electronics, after the volume control stage. I’m sure they’ll get you sorted at Cymbiosis.

Hi NickofWibledon, The system is still at cymbiosis. when it was here it moved my speaker drivers so much, I feared it would blow them, so I’m reluctant to put them back until I find a answer.

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Cymbiosis are one of the top Naim dealers in the country, so if they can’t sort it out, probably nobody can. I’d suggest that if it continues to work at Cymbiosis, the problem is in your house. Perhaps suggest to Cymbiosis that the equipment is returned, and that they come out to you if the noises start up again. If it only started about two weeks ago, can you think of any changes you’ve made that coincide with the problem starting. New router, wifi gadgets etc. Ethernet over mains has been mentioned but it’s not clear whether or not you use it.

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HH, I only have a BT hub and nothing new has been added.

Good advice from HH. @lemans3 - If, after a long soak test at Cymbiosis, all is still fine with the kit then ask them if they can install it back into your system so they can check all is well.

Hi James_n, Yes good advice from HH, but why is the problem not happening with my old kit and where do I stand if it damages my speakers. the noise it makes was heard by my wife upstairs.

It’s a bit of a mystery but if Cymbiosis have fully tested your system at their premises over a long period and find no problem, it would make sense to get them to re-install the system in your home and whilst there, check for any other issues. The fact it’s affecting a single channel after a period of time makes me think its component related, but it’s strange nothing is showing up when it’s all at their premises. Good luck anyway and let us know what you find.


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