Help/advice needed. I think I may have wrecked my CD5X

I’m concerned that I may have caused some serious damage to my CD5X. I’m new to Naim, but over the last few weeks have built up a system comprising ND5 XS, CD5X, Nait XS, Flatcap XS and Neat Motive 2SX speakers. Up until today I’ve had the Flatcap powering the Nait XS only as I only had one set of leads. Earlier this week I ordered an additional used Naim 4 pin din off Ebay as I had a spare 5 pin din already.

The new cable arrived this morning so I switched everything off, removed the plug from the back of the CD5X connected the two cables and then connected the other ends of the cables to the signal out and power out B terminals at the back of the Flatcap XS.

When I turned everything back on there was a hum coming from the speakers which was getting louder. I quickly turned off the equipment and returned everything to the previous configuration. I then tried the ND5 XS which was working fine. However the CD5X seems to be operating mechanically (the display works as does the transport), but I can’t get any sound from the amp. I’ve tried swapping inputs, I’ve also tried a Din to RCA interconnect using the Din in the CD5X and then in the Nait XS, but what ever I try I can’t get any sound from the unit.

Does anyone have any idea as to what could have happened and things I could do to fix this issue?


Andy, it sounds like you have tried to connect a SNAIC4 to the link socket of the CD5x and then to the signal out of the Flatcap, when you should have used just a SNAIC5 to connect to the upgrade socket of the CD5x and the power out of the Flatcap.

Have you tried replacing the link plug to the CD5x and then power cycling. Also try cycling the output socket assignment.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your response. Yeah, that’s exactly what I’d done… I’ve followed your advice and cycled the output socket assignments, but I’m not sure what you mean by power cycling. I have replace the linkplug, but there is nothing coming from the speakers. I’ve also re-connected the Flatcap XS to the CD5X in the correct manner with just the Snaic 5. In this configuration I can just about hear the sound coming from the speakers when the CD is playing, but I have to turn the volume control pretty high and even then is only just audible and what I can hear is pretty distorted.

What I have noticed is that the first time I try to play a CD the play button flashes and you need to press it a second time for the transport to kick in. I know that on the Nait XS a flashing mute button highlights a faul that can be cleared by holding the mute button for a short while. I’ve tried this with the CD play button but it has no effect. I’ve searched the internet but cant seem to find anything on this issue…

Andy, if you’re not getting any sound from the player and you’ve tried the usual things then it sounds like something may have got fried with the misconnection. Best contact your dealer or Naim service dept. And take it from there.

That’s what I feared… I’ll look for a decent dealer near to where I work in Solihull and take it in on Monday.

Thanks for you advice!

Sorry to hear of your misconnection woe. Please remember to fit the transit bolt to the CD5x when you take it in.


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I hope I can offer you some kind of comfort when I tell you that you are not alone in making this mistake, it is very common.
The link socket should have a white insert to prevent the insertion of a DIN plug, or the link plug at the incorrect orientation.
Unfortunately these kind of misconnections result in one of the PCB tracks on the analogue board acting as a fuse leaving the supply regulators devoid of power.
I hope you are able to get it sorted.


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Thanks Neil, I’ve spoken to my home insurance company this morning to see what they can do. They have put me through to a third part firm who are supposed to sore me a suitable replacement. It’ll be interesting to see what they come back with…

Are you covered for new for old? If so there may well be a few Naim dealers with new stock of CD5XS players.

If not you really want the cash so you can purchase a replacement yourself.

Is repair of existing CD5X by Naim not in the frame?
I’d rather have that. It would be as new when returned.

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The insurance company didn’t offer a repair service. They seem to be tied to a specific partner who just don’t offer that service to Naim products.

They tried to palm me off with a CD5 Si from Sevenoaks as a suitable replacement. After some back and forth they agreed that this wasn’t a like for like swap. I searched for a new CD5 XS on the internet and sent them a link. They agreed to settle at the at price but are sending me the money as they can only purchase from certain vendors.

I’ve also spoken to Naim directly and they believe the CD5x is reparable at a cost of £330. Fingers crossed!

Glad you are getting sorted. :grinning:

Insurers increasingly use their own appointed suppliers to provide replacements these days. They are obviously saving a lot of money by getting a bulk discount, and sometimes you have to stand your ground if they try to offer a replacement you’re not happy with. In this case, I guess they offered you the only CD player Naim still make, but hopefully you now gave a better solution.

I would wait to see what they exactly pay… hopefully you may not have to hand back the broken one and get that fixed at Naim.
You could end up with a sum that replaces the damaged one perhaps ex demo and warrantied with luck and the reparable one! Good luck

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