Ok so my ND5XS2 is connected to my sky router via a Cat 5 cable
However on my Naim App all of the songs/albums are only playing back at 44.1 16bit.
Even the record which are stated as Master like Pink Floyd 96khz at 94bit come in as 44.1 16bit
Is this normal, I am on trial HIFI for 30days at the moment
Running app from ipad
Does anyone have a suggestion on any tracks that do playback higher ??
Many thanks
Sorry to bother you all

If these are Tidal streams, they are MQA, which is a lossy format that can, on compatible hardware, unpack the files so that they are 24/96. Naim streamers don’t support MQA, so the files will still play, but at standard 16/44.

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Tidal say on their web site that they will be introducing MQA capability on their iOS app. If that happens, and you use that app and Chromecast to a new Naim streamer, will that give the MCA quality Chris?

I’ve also been researching MCA and it seems that 44.1kHZ and 16 bit sampling is actually all that is needed. It’s technical and interesting in a curious sort of way.

I assume that will give you the first ‘unfold’ of MQA, but I don’t know if can be sent to a streamer via Chromecast, as this usually sends the stream direct from the web to your streamer. I suspect it only works from the phone headphone output, or perhaps a wired connection to the streamer USB port.


Hello, I also have nd5 xs2 and with tidal the behavior is the same, I do not read the mqa and I think syano downgraded to 16 bit even though I thought they were at least 24 bit! Your streamer is connected with ethernet cat. 6 or with WiFi? Thanks, greetings

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The cable is a cat 6 performance UTP 28 AWG patch cord. 1.52m and goes straight from my broadband router straight to my new ND5XS2.
It would be good to eventually stream higher
Many thanks

Your cable has the same characteristics as what I have marked qed performance graphite. All identical. Qed is said to be a good cable and good price

Do you hear better sound quality with the QED cable than with a Cat5e?

Just saying…

QoBuz is on free trial… and plays hires without MQA nonsense…

Little Costa, an English company … You can try … I’m a fan of English companies …


I’m thinking of putting these 4 quadrasphire under my Nait5si. Can it improve sound and performance? I have a modest integrated amplifier and for now I am satisfied. Of course in the future I could grow more like a nait XS.

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Now I use a nas wd my cloud to save my naim unitiserve. I’m scary! In the future I would like to take one between qnap or sinology. Quality with a new nas could improve? I think the Western Digital my cloud is very cheap today! I accept advice from all of you between qnap or sinology

Remember that you must also choose which UPnP server software to use on the NAS. Minimserver or Asset are good choices, and Asset is probably easier to use.

But is the software not included in the purchase of synology ds218 +?

Minimserver is free (voluntary donation). Asset for Synology has only been released very recently, but has been available for QNAP for some time. There is a free trial, then you have to buy it.

There are two UPnP media server software packages included (free) with Synology.

  1. Their own Media Server, a basic but simple install & easy to config.
  2. Minimserver, a lot more features, fast art, more configurable stuff. It needs Java also to be installed on the NAS & their MinimWatch on your PC/Mac to give you a GUI to enable configuration changes.

I’ve since moved to Asset UPnP on my Synology; its not free but @ £22+VAT its nothing for a lifetime licence & free updates. Its similar to Minimserver in that its at the same level of features & performance, but its a lot easier to install as it doesn’t need other programs installed to get it working.


I ask for help. I realized that I received ND5 xs2 as well as photos. Is the earth signal right?

If you have no other devices connected to the amplifier, it should be set to Default
If you have a Naim CD player connected, set it to Floating
It gets a bit more complicated depending on what other devices you have connected ?? It depends what they are & if they have there signal connected to ground.
Finally try it both ways, you won’t damage anything. Listen for a hum or hiss & if one sounds better.