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Hi folks. The start of this post belongs in the “what do you regret selling?” thread! I used to have a NAC82, which, with a NAP150X was my first Naim system. They really sung, and with the rega CD and speakers sounded so good with my music (rock, electronica, folk, everything really!)

House moves and starting a family meant I sold both, and have used various lesser pieces of kit since. I have always missed the sound that set up gave me, and would now like to plan a move back into the Naim fold. I already have a NAP200, but need a preamp to go with it. What would be the sensible option? Buy another 82? Or something else?

I don’t expect to replace pre/power after that, at least not in the next few years, but could add power supplies etc as and when funds allow.

CD and speakers are still Rega, which I have no plans to change.

Thanks everyone.

Budget (so that we know what we can spend for you :slight_smile: )?

And which Rega? An Isis might give a different answer to an Apollo or an io.

The best you can afford. Either an 82 or 282 gets you back where you were and liked. A 252 plus Supercap gives you a taste of the magic beyond…

Morning @hiacedrifter I started with 202/200 in my system and then added in HCDR and NSPCC which gives the 202 reach into the music, you might want to include those in your budget as it certainly takes the 202 on to the next level

as you say you are not looking to change for a few years I would try and stretch to 82/282 (282 should come with NSPCC) but again HCDR adds more to 282, on matching 200 can work with either

or you could look at SN - depends on your long term journey plan

It’s probably a choice of 202 or 282. With either you really want a Hicap, and with the 202 you’d want a napsc as well. That may sound like a lot. I’d suggest you also consider selling the 200 and getting a Supernait 3. If that is too expensive, a used Supernait 2 would also be good. I wonder if your CD source and speakers are up to the task - all these amplifier options are very good and need a good source in particular to shine.

I have fond memories of the set I owned which contained a NAC282 and NAP200 if that helps. A very nice amplifier combination. (Power supplies can wait.)

As a starter I could afford an 82. With some more saving I could double that budget.

Rega Saturn R cd player, Rega R5 speakers.

If you’re looking for used items, there’s a lot to be said for biding your time and watching what comes up. Another 82 would be a good option to consider, and like most options you’re looking at, can be powered by the 200, so a Hicap can wait. If a 52 comes along, that’s another matter. Either way, these are old boxes, and you may need to consider the need to get them serviced. A 282 would be a great option as well. Also, don’t necessarily write off the 202. It doesn’t get a lot of love around here, but it’s the partner amp to the 200 in Naim’s range. Add a HicapDR and it’s still a very nice amp in my books.

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A 282 and you’ll looking to replace the Saturn fairly soon in all likelihood. The R5s are pretty forgiving so I may be wrong, a 202 might be a safer bet.

I would buy the 82 again, powered by the NAP 200…

later on, a HCDR and you’re set for a (very) long time…

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Just get another 82.

Sell the 200, get a SN3 (or some other integrated amp). I think the Rega top-of-the line int amp is pretty good.

its a saturn R. does that make a difference?

Get an 82 again. It’s great. The 202 is no slouch but the 82 is better. I had a 202 with napsc and hicap dr and changed it to an 82 without service history so I don’t know if it has been serviced. But as it stands it’s clearly the better of the two. Now I have the 82 and a recently serviced 282. The 282 offers even more than the 82 in som areas but the sound of instruments and vocals on the 82, wow! Not even the 282 has the same feeling of “real”.

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Having owned both I can say with confidence that a pre-loved 282 will get that 200 singing with much more authority than a 202 :grinning:

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It might, I had a DAC R into a 552 for a couple of years and enjoyed it, I wasn’t convinced by an Isis into a 282/hi/250 and I picked a CD5x in preference to a Saturn 3 (I think, it was 2007 ish) when using Rega Cursa 3/Maia 3. The digital cable from Uniti Core to DAC R had quite an influence but didn’t need to be expensive. Can you audition prospective pres?

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