Help choosing speakers for Naim Uniti Nova

I’m new to this forum so apologies any duplication.
I’ve been offered a Grade A Nova (like new condition and used just a few hours) by my local Naim dealer for £3.5k which I feel is a pretty good price. I’m now looking for some speakers that will match well. I know Focal get mentioned a lot but is this just because there is some association between them and Naim. My room size is 17 foot x 12 and my music tastes are very wide ranging - jazz, pop, world, orchestral etc. Total budget for the Nova and speakers is between £5k and £6k . I like the convenience of a one box system and streaming music (Qobuz). Would consider used or ex demo speakers.
Would appreciate any suggestions on speaker choice and the Nova itself. Finally does anyone know if the Nova is likely to be replaced soon and should I hold back as I’m in no real rush to buy and really want to get the best that a budget of £6k can get.

Your best bet is to have a good browse of the forum - lots of opinions on speakers. The main one being audition them at home before buying.

Are you looking for stand mounts or floor standing?

Popular makes include Neat, ProAc, ATC, PMC as well as Focal and others that skip my mind at the moment.

FWIW I ran ATC SCM19s (passive) with my Nova and enjoyed them though many would (probably rightly) say they could do with an amp with a bit more oomph.

As a suggestion, I’d stick to speaker which are not more expensive than the Nova itself.

Edit: with the amounts mentioned, you’ll be fine :wink:

Thanks, will do that. No preference for floor or stand mounts. One speaker on my shortlist is the Neat Acoustics EKSTRA. Would be interested to hear anyone’s views on this one. Hoping to get a ex-demo pair that keeps me roughly in my budget. Thanks in advance.

I have a Nova and I use a pair of PMC 25.21’s with it and I think it is a fantastic match. PMC have now tweaked them to the 25.21i which are £2300 new but you should be able to get a good deal on ex-demo or second hand for roughly £1500 which keeps you well under budget but remember that you will need some money for speaker cables and stands. Buying new speakers is a bit like buying a brand new car - you lose money as soon as you leave the shop! I bought my PMC’s ex-demo and got a very good deal.
If you want floorstanders then an ex- demo/second hand pair of PMC 25.23’s will still be within budget. Some people on the forum use a Nova/25.23 combo and are v happy with it. As ever, do listen before you buy, preferably at home.
Good luck listening - the Nova is a wonderful piece of kit


PS - no, the Nova is not about to be replaced and has many years of life left in it. Upgrades are still happening but they are via firmware upgrades rather than any changes to hardware. You can buy with confidence


Thanks, that’s reassuring.

Also wondering whether apart from your musical prefs, do you also prefer a certain sound presentation? And does your current setup support that, and do like it to stay that way? To give an example: my setup 10 years ago was one with a TEAC amp and mission speakers, providing a warm, relaxed and soulful type of sound. But though my headphones I gradually realized I do like a more analytical or cleaner presentation, with a strong sense of rhythm and slightly emphasized (but tight) bass. That’s how I ended up with today’s setup in 3 steps. - for the same budget that you have by the way (in EUR)

Edit: the 3 steps in total did cost more - the speakers bought in step 1 were Dynaudio EMITs that found their way to one of my friends now

Audio T in Brighton have an ex dem pair for sale at the moment, I believe.

Thanks, will definitely check that out. Would be interested to hear from anyone who’s heard the Nova paired with the Neat Acoustics Ekstra speakers.

No, but when I shopped for new speakers last year, they were on my shortlist for pairing to my Star - just no place I could audition them, so the PMC’s won the contest

Using a Nova here with Proac Response DB 3 speakers courtesy of The Audioroom in Hull and could not be more pleased…

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Since you have no preference for floorstanding vs. standmount speakers … I’ve heard some very favourable reviews from the Nova combined with the Dynaudio Special Forty …

No need to say that I own a pair of these :wink:

I use a restored pair of Tannoy Cheviots with my Atom, and was able to demo them with the Atom before buying. They are not a speaker I would have looked at previously but now I wouldn’t change them!


My experience. Audio Physic Classic Range

thanks, will have to check those out. could I ask which speaker stands you are using?

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Hi there…Atacama…not certain of the model though.

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Maybe the HMS range if that helps.

I listened to ATC SCM-11s with a Nova when I first started shopping for one. I really liked the sound, but it was very transparent and uncolored, so perhaps not for everyone. The Nova, the ATCs and some NAC A5 speaker cables should be right in your budget.

I know that’s a rule of thumb, but I run a Nova into Kanta No. 2s, each of which costs more than the Nova, and it sounds glorious! I do hope to repurpose the Kantas with a separate preamp/amp/streamer, at some point soon, however. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: