Help connecting a NSS333 to the network via an ethernet cable

I have a wired network in the house and want to use it to connect my NSS333. I have an ethernet cable connected to a wall socket and to the NSS333. But the streamer keeps on connecting to the wifi even after reseting. I am not given a choice between wired and wifi connection.

Has any of you an idea why?

Thank you for your help

Silly question but is the wall socket LAN cable actually connected and working?


After checking the LAN cable is working as suggested by @Sinewave. I suggest you power down fully. By this, I mean switching off the 333 and then plugging from the mains and leaving unplugged for several minutes.
If that doesn’t work you will probably need to do a factory reset.

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Also please try accessing the Network menu with the remote and screen, not the App. My 222 had a similar issue on initially powering up.


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Thank you all for the suggestions.

@Sinewave: This is not a silly question. The network has been installed recently and may not work as intended. I am not sure about how to test that since I do not have an ethernet adapter for my computer which would allow me to test the wall socket. I plan to contact the person who installed it to check if the wall socket has been correctly installed.

@paulbysea: Assuming the wall socket is working, I did a factory reset but didn’t get the option to connect via the cable.

@dazjones: I accessed the Network menu with the remote and screen after a factory reset. Again, I didn’t get the possibility to connect with the cable.

Apart from the possibility that the wall socket doesn’t function or the streamer has a problem connecting with the cable, I don’t see what it could be.

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Check if the light(s) in the ethernet plug of the NSS333 is/are on. If off, I suppose no signal arrives via the cable.

There doesn’t seem to be a status light on the ethernet plug of the NSS 333 (see pictures).

And, by the way, I tested two different cables.

Maybe also a faulty cable ?

It is unlikely. I tried two different cables.

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Do you have a pc/laptop or other network type device you can connect to the wall socket to confirm you are actually getting internet connectivity.

The lights close to where the socket is usually light/flash when IP traffic is present/available. Note the colour/flash is dependant on the connectivity speed but in this case you just want something.


You can buy an adapter for your pc by Amazon and be delivered the same day. You will quickly see if it’s the wall socket problem or the NSC 333.
It must be frustrating however.

You can equally buy a RJ45 adaptor for your phone (control point) from the place. When an iOS control point is connected via the adaptor (patch cable also required, but seems the op has two), the wired connection will take priority, unlike a pc.

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If you have Wifi and 4/5g possibility on your phone, how will you know that hardwired is working ?

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll buy an adapter for my Mac and see if the wall socket works.

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I assume that you have turned off the WiFi within your property, that way the NSS333 will have no wifi to connect to and will hopefully revert to wired - assuming the wired is working.

A long patch cable direct to the router? Move the 333?


The problem is that if I turn the wifi off, I can’t get it back on since I can’t connect my computer to the box.

I definitely need an Ethernet to usb-c plug.

If the 333 is anything like my 222, with a functioning Ethernet connection (cable plugged in to RJ45 wall jack and 222) the option to select Wi-Fi is disabled. So by allowing Wi-Fi setup it would suggest your LAN connection isn’t working.

FR I did already comment, that on iOS - don’t know about others - ethernet takes priority.
If you have the phone set to wifi or cellular network technology, as you plug in the ethernet connection, those are disconnected - you can see the change on the screen. (The same applies to iOS tablets.)

@michelw if you use an ethernet connection to Mac - contrary to my comment in previous para, afaik, wifi takes priority over ethernet. You probably know this, that there are several different adaptors depending on age of your Mac - is it laptop or iMac.?
If you have iPhone, you may find it simpler to use the phone to ethernet - may even be same adaptor - to test your wiring. Bear in mind, it may work but it doesn’t unfortunately prove if the wiring is correct, for which you need a network cable tester.

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think the next step is a combination of @AndyR and @MrFixit including the factory reset for NSS333 once it is connected via ethernet direct to router. Probably easier to just move the box if you don’t have a long lead - again you can use front panel/app to confirm if you have wired connectivity.