Help! Connecting sub to 250

I have a new NAP 250 DR with a 272. I am trying to connect my SVS 13 Ultra Sub to the system but can’t figure out how to do it. Do I have to connect via the speakers? If so, the speakers use banana plugs and the sub uses rca connectors. What adaptor do I need?

Any help would be appreciated.

From what i can see of the SVS 13 Ultra subwoofer, connection is only via low level, so you would need to take a pre-out signal from the NAC-N272 to the subwoofer. You’ll need a suitable 2 x RCA Phono sub lead for this - make sure it’s of low capacitance.

I tried that first, but no signal. The sub worked fine with my previous SuperUniti using the sub output, but not with the 272. Is the SuperUniti hi low output connection?

Are you sure you connected to a pre out, not a line out?


You probably need to enable the phono preamp outputs via the 272’s menu. If it’s set to din then the phono won’t be working. Do I get the prize?

Maybe. I did check that but I’ll need to look again. I’m away from home right now.

Wow. Fantastic. I’ve been fussing around that for 2 weeks. Thanks for the tip. Everything is now working as it should.

You get you prize hungryhalibut.


That’s great. Enjoy your choons.

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