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I’ve just got back my 202 and 200 from being serviced and have bought a new HiCap DR to replace the old (pre) DR HiCap

I’ve just connected everything up and when I’ve turned on HiCap (after the NAP) I’m getting a god awful whining sound out of my speakers and blown the fuse on that circuit on the main breaker. I’ve gone on to Naim and checked all my connections and all as should be so at a loss as to what to do next. Could it be the Snaic connecting NAP to HiCap?

Thanks all

You should always turn on the Hicap before the power amp.

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Did that as well - same bloody noise

Try running the 202 off the 200 and see if that fixes it.

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Bypass the HiCap?

Yes. That will tell you if the issue is with the Hicap or its Snaic 5. You’ll need the link plug of course.

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Lost that…

I can’t get hold of the link plug/blanking plug in the short term. I bought a new Snaic 4 as I thought that may be the issue but that hasn’t solved it either. I’ve now tried several combinations with the following outcomes

Just HiCap and 200 with speakers plugged in - seemingly fine, no interference

202/200 - no linking plug on 202 so not going to work

202/200/NAPSC - no output despite working input signal, ‘mute’ button flashing and light fixed on CD input on 202 (and won’t change)

202/200/NAPSC/HiCap - loud tone issuing from speakers

My conclusion is I think the 202 is faulty (despite just being serviced which seems odd).

So before I send it back to Salisbury am I missing something here…?

Are the SNAICs genuine Naim items?

Have you connected exactly as shown in the manual? Double check this to be sure.

As you have no link plugs, you can only use it with the NAPSC and the HICAP in place. Be sure that the NAP200 is taking signal from the HICAP and not directly from the Preamp, otherwise you supply voltage twice with potentially calamitous consequences.

P.s. diagnosis will be much easier with the two link plugs. You should get these if you don’t have them, just in case.

All your tests are with the new HiCap DR? Do you still have your old HiCap and could try with this? You know that this worked

Yep, all genuine Naim items and new Snaic 4. I’ve triple checked my connections but had this gear for a while so comfortable with it.

Unfortunately traded in the old HiCap so can’t do like for like comparison

I would get the link plugs then and test with those in place.

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