Help for Rega P1 on desk

Hi guys, I need some advice. I bought a Uniti Atom and put it on this desk. I know it’s not the optimal configuration but I would like some advice, can this support you see below from Pro-ject help the sound of the turntable or is it a waste of money?

project-audio ground-it-e

I have:

Rega P1 Plus
Uniti Atom
B&W 707 S3

If I start the bidding I’m going to go with probably not. If the speakers are on the table, I think the Rega and the other gear will pick up the vibrations from the speakers through the table and I don’t think the extra stand will be able to stop that. So I’d try and get the speakers moved.

I have had a Rega on a table before. It didn’t do too badly frankly provided you didn’t bang into the table or turn things up ridiculously loud.

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As @CalamityJack mentioned, I would look to the speakers first… maybe wall mount them or something from isoaccustics.

Try putting rubber mounts under those speakers and see if that does anything before spending on a stand for the deck.

Is there any particular or more suitable product in your opinion?

Yes. Just separate those speakers from everything else, as others have said…

Get them off that table…!!

No magick item will ever be as good.

You’re biggest bang for buck will be actually raising the speakers above the desk and therefore away from that first glass reflection point.

When I put my desktop speakers on Konig & Meyer adjustable desk stands I was just amazed. And it just added 20cm but world of difference. I’ve had a lot of hifi over the years but I’m not sure a single upgrade ever made as much difference as that. I attribute it to the distance it put more than the isolation. I had the speakers on isolation cup and spikes before and it was okay but putting the stands on top of those was a wow moment.

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