HELP! HiLine DIN > RCA (Line Out to Headphone Amp)


I purchased a Naim HiLine DIN > 2xRCA interconnect.

The previous owner used the cable to connect a Naim CD Player (DIN Output) to a non-Naim preamplifier (2xRCA input).

I thought I could use this cable to connect my Naim NAC282 preamplifier (DIN Tape Output) to my non-Naim headphone amplifier (2xRCA input), but I am not getting a signal.

Am I doing something wrong? or did I purchase the wrong cable.

Thank you for your support.

There are two versions of DIN OUT.

TAPE OUT and A/V out requires a cable where the connections in the DIN plug are wired at 270 degree vs 180 degrees (I think that’s correct). I bought one from Israel but you can have Chord Company make one for you.

A friend just had Chord make him a Shawline cable that works with Tape Out.

Contact a Naim dealer that sells Chord Company products.


Yes it’s wired differently. The cable you have has the DIN plug wired to the ch1 & 2 in pins. It would work if you were connecting your NDX2 to a headphone amp.

You’ll need one that is wired to the ch1 & 2 out pins to use the Tape output from your NAC282. As Leatherneck says, your dealer should be able to provide a suitable cable.


As James correctly points out, the REC pins are different to the PLAY pins on the DIN.

More can be read here;


Thanks again for your support.

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