Help! I have a predisposition to purchasing coloured vinyl

I must have an addictive personality. Currently, I have an appetite for purchasing coloured vinyl which is probably rubbish. I am unable to test the LPs as my speakers are away for new cross-overs and re-conning.

Can this room cure me of my addiction and knock some sense into me, please?

I am planning on purchasing an ND5 XS 2 to help cure this addiction. Music on tap without the expense of coloured vinyl impulse purchases. I am 59 years old, not 16.


Thank you for this. I realised after posting that there was a similar thread. I am glad I am not alone with my recent addiction.


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I have not noticed a difference between coloured vinyl and black I must say but I have cloth ears. I have got a few picture discs and they always sound dreadful to me, not sure if the picture inside the vinyl plays havoc in how the grooves are pressed ?

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They are pictures with a thin layer of vinyl, see the other thread. And they are predominantly for looking

Yours was a fun post to read though :slight_smile:

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Just make sure you get a black ND5 XS 2!


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But surely you need White Stripes “elephant” on red and white vinyl?

Or a nice blue “born to die”?


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