Help, I’m missing a Mu-so gen 1 preset

I started my Mu-so up today to find that preset number two is missing, it was there t’other day, screenshot attached. The others are still there. I also cannot select it with the remote.

Anyone had similar problems, a search of the forum mentions something similar in 2019, which I think required an update.

Why not just find the channel you want and add it to preset 2? Then keep an eye on things.

Thanks for your reply HH but I don’t physically have a preset 2 its disappeared.

Yes I know. Just tune to it in the app by going through the iRadio channels and then press the add to preset button.

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HH you are a marvel, done it. Thank you very much.

Excellent. Now just keep an eye on the presets. If it disappears again, something funny is going on and it may be that a reset of the muso is needed, which of course wipes out all the presets. Fingers crossed it will be fine.

HH, I now remember that the other day I deleted Scala radio from that preset, because they kept telling me it wouldn’t be available in a few days. I obviously did more than delete the station.

Mystery solved then. And now you know how to add stations to presets. So it’s all good.

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You didn’t actually delete preset 2. It’s just that the app only displays presets that have an assigned iradio channel. HH’s solution added content to preset 2, so the app listed it again. It never was a mystery!

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Thank you for your reply. It was a mystery to me :upside_down_face: but now I know.


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