Help Lost the Ability to Stream Apple Music. I am new to Naim and New to Streaming


I was listening to my new Naim System streaming Apple Music. It just stopped and no longer appears as a source under Apple Music. What do I need to do?

Can anyone help? I can’t stream Apple Music using Airplay on my ND5sx2 streamer. I was able to for the first day I had the streamer. Now I can’t stream Apple music from my iPhone or iMac. I can no longer choose the streamer as a destination. I can stream internet radio.

You may be having an issue with your network, if you can provide some details. In the meantime, switch off control point (phone), streamer and then router. Restart the later and wait a few minutes before restarting the streamer, then control point. If you have your streamer connected by wifi, then if you can, have the phone use 2.4ghz frequency by switching off 5ghz, if your configuration offers that option.

@sound-hound There is nothing wrong with the network as best as I can tell. The streamer is connected to the router via Ethernet. I can stream internet radio. Just not Apple Music. If there was something wrong with the network then why would I be able to stream internet radio? AirPlay worked for the first day I had the streamer and then vanished. By vanished I mean the streamer is no longer listed on my iPhone as an AirPlay destination. Restarting the iPhone has no effect. The diagnostic light on my router is solid white which indicates no general network issue.

@sound-hound I rebooted the router. Big mistake. The system could no longer find the streamer. I then powered off the streamer and powered it on again. Apple Music came back. The streamer reappeared in my iPhone control center as an Airplay option. Why did the streamer lose Airplay and yet could stream internet radio? Is streaming that unstable?

Good you have it working. You do though need to work through restarting all as I suggested above. Streaming is stable.

What does your home network look like after the modem where your internet connection enters the house? Please, don’t skip any device in between your modem and your streamer or your modem and your phone. There’s probably a component in there which causes the problems, since Airplay is very robust. It is for sure a networking issue in your home.

Internet radio (when controlled from the Naim app) is streamed directly to your streamer whereas Airplay routes the signal to your phone, and from there to the streamer. So the issue is likely to be related to the iPhone having discovery issues with your streamer, or with another element of your network.

No it is not the streaming it is the connectivity of devices that appears unstable.

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