Help me with Naim Uniti Atom HE

I have just purchased this unit and a couple of things. I don’t find chromecast on my unit to be able to stream other services. I particularily listen to Amazon Music so I know this could be causing some issues. Anyone can help? Also I tried to hook up the usb in front of unit to iphone but it doesn’t work. It just defaults to bluetooth. Also, I own a Peachtree Nova 300 amp and wanted to connect to the naim but I don’t know how…can someone help? I know it’s a lot to ask. Thanks, Mike

Hi and welcome to the forum. I’m afraid there’s a bit of homework to catch up to.

(1) Amazon Music: Note that Chromecast is only from an Android mobile, but you mentioned an iPhone, which uses AirPlay.

Anyway, let’s start with Chromecast just in case. I am not familiar with the Amazon app, but usually you initiate the Chromecast from within the app; this is how it is in the Qobuz app and as it was in the Tidal app, too (before the new Tidal Connect). So, from what I am reading online, maybe this (or similar) works:
Step 1. In the Amazon Music app, tap the casting button from the playback menu or top navigation bar.
Step 2. Select the device from the list.

However, note that Amazon HD does not fully support Chromecast, it only works in standard quality (which I think means mp3)

With an iPhone, you would however use AirPlay 2 - again, straight from the Amazon Music app. I suppose it will work very similarly as initiating a Chromecast on Android. This does support Amazon Music HD, though AirPlay 2 itself can only handle up to CD quality.

(2) USB. The USB on the Unitis including the Atom HE is only for storage devices like USB sticks or USB hard disks. You can’t use it for USB audio. From the specifications:

(I think this could be solved with an external converter box that you would connect to one of the Atom’s digital inputs)

However, the best use of the Atom is with one of the built-in streaming services (Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify) in the Naim app, by the Tidal app (which has Tidal Connect which avoids the Chromecast problems), by using a local UPnP file server with the Naim app, or by using Roon.

(3) Peachtree Nova 300. I am assuming that you are aware that this is an integrated amp that also includes a DAC, so it’s duplicating much of the Atom HE.

The Peachtree has predominantly digital inputs (and has a “poweramp-only” mode for digital inputs, which would be ideal), so one might be inclined to connect the Atom digitally, but the Atom HE has no digital output. It has only two analog preamp outputs, one as RCA and one as balanced XLR. So you would ideally need an analog poweramp-only input on the Peachtree.

But as far as I can tell, the Peachtree has only two RCA Aux inputs, as its only analog inputs. These accept line level signals. (Aux 1 by default, Aux 2 optionally if it is not used as a Phono MM input). So you could use them, but it is not ideal as the signal is passing through two pre-amps with volume adjustment, the one in the Atom and then the one in the Peachtree.

It might be possible to use the Peachtree’s Loop In input to circumvent this, but I have no idea really if this would work

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Thank you for the input…What I really need is someone to come to my home and show me how to hook everything up? So far I’m just able to use the bluetooth to listen to music. Maybe I should entertain using Tidal or Spotify…Which would you consider?

Many people are satisfied with Spotify although it is only using music files with lossy compression (specifically the ogg format, which is quite similar to mp3). In particular, the Spotify app has many features that others don’t have.

Tidal is a bit more expensive but uses lossless formats in full CD quality. (Note: you only need the Tidal Hifi subscription and not the Hifi Plus, which contains access to formats like MQA, which Naim devices don’t support).

The catalog of Tidal is probably a bit smaller than Spotify, but the difference is not very big. The app is quite nice and whether you prefer the Spotify or Tidal app is probably a personal matter. Tidal pays much more to artists per stream than Spotify does.

Both services are well integrated with your Naim. With Spotify you must use the Spotify app (and the Atom then streams the music directly, using the Spotify Connect feature). With Tidal you have the choice of using the Tidal app (with Tidal Connect which is essentially the same as with Spotify), or you can use the Naim app where Tidal is integrated.

It’s probably best to get a free trial for each service to decide by yourself what you prefer.

As for your other connection troubles, ask if anything remained unclear

Thank you. I’ll check them out. Do you know if you can download music from the naim app or do you use the spotify or tidal app?

The Naim app can’t pre-download streaming content from Tidal/Spotify. If you want to do this, so that you can play without being connected to the internet, you must do so in the Tidal or Spotify app.

(I guess you are aware, but allow me to add it in any case: Of course these downloads in the apps can only be used within the Tidal/Spotify app, and only as long as you have a subscription)

So if I have a subscription to Tidal I would just download music within the app and then it transfers to the naim device?

No, you stream online on the Atom, when you use the Tidal app disconnected you can play downloaded tracks on your phone

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Right, playing Tidal streaming downloads to the Atom does not work via Tidal Connect. If the Atom is without internet for some reason, it should be possible to play the albums that were downloaded in the Tidal app via Bluetooth to the Atom. But I think that’s the only way, correct?

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