Help! My Ovator S400 is crumbling

Trying to seek advice here. I have had my Ovator 400 since 2016. Recently noticed the foam covering the bass units has started deteriorating. Not completely just yet but i can see a gap on the top of the speakers. Has anyone had their 400 drivers replaced or repaired or had their foam replaced? Thanks

Perhaps @neils can offer some advice on current stock of foam or drive units?

I would have thought that any foams would last a good deal longer except perhaps those in super-hot and humid conditions, which are foam killers! Are these in the UK? Can you show pictures?

The foam is thin & sits between the outer grille and the drive unit. The drive unit surrounds are rubber & should last a lot longer than foam would.
We no longer have stock of these unfortunately, so your options are - look into having some made or remove them & go for the “naked” look!



Here’s what they look like without the foam.


Is there a particular specification for the foam that Naim used?

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I’ll see what I can dig up.

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Is the foam sonically functional? Or just to keep dust out and/or look nicer?

Hi-fi grade reticulated polyurethane foam TFS401/35 black

189mm diameter
5mm thick


I don’t know for sure, but they’re usually part of the sonic design.
Certainly was the case with the SBL.



Thanks Neil👍

Thanks so much to all the wonderful replies.

I am in Singapore so it ticks the hot and humid box many times over.

Thanks for sharing the specs. I will try and find some.

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