Help: Naim SuperUniti doesnt start playing from NAS Synology anymore

Hi everyone,

after searching on the internet and trying out all kind of things I still don’t understand whats going wrong. Hopefully you guys can help me out:

  • I have a Synology NAS connected with cable to router
  • My NAIM SuperUniti is cabled connected to router
  • NAS is visible and I can scroll through my albums

But when I’m trying to play, it doesnt play. What goes wrong? A few servers tried, Minim, Media Server etc.

What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards, Remy

I suspect something has a corrupt link
1st thing I would do is a power cycle on the whole system.
It needs to be done systematically to correctly establish LAN & wireless links.

Shut down everything that is connected or associated with your network
Leave the router off for 5 or even 10 minutes: This allows the ISP to recognise that the router has gone offline.

First the Wireless Hub (router) - let it fully complete its start process.
Control Device (the app) – in some cases of network discovery problems it might be beneficial to reset or even delete & re-install the app.

Thanks a lot. The order of resetting makes a difference!

Now the Naim plays from the server, but the Naim is not visible for the app.
But happy with this, try it a few times more until they are working both. Thanks a lot!

Only the wireless hub, it must be refreshed & running when each of the clients comes on line.

If the Naim is not showing on the app after the system power cycle, I would delete the app, power cycle the tablet/phone to clear its cache & reinstall.

Just a thought - are you on BT Broadband here in UK?
There’s a bug with BT’s router at moment - more here, if applicable

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