Help nd555 wont turn on

Hi picked it up this afternoon and plugged it all in and nothing, wont light up or anything, pop the nds back in and all is fine.
I have contacted the dealer where it came from and obviously he will help me, but i thought it might be worth asking here.
Is there an internal fuse ? Or any ideas guys what i could try before i take it all the way back.
Cheers dunc

What are you powering the NDS with?

555 power supply that i used on my nds, and using once again right now

How odd - are you demoing it or did you purchase ?

Demoing it right now, well trying too

How frustrating - at least it’s not a newly purchased one DOA I suppose.

Good luck, hope someone can think of a solution for you.

My nd555 came with the cables…is the the nds burndy cables what you are using. Are they compatible…just a thought?

I seem to recall that someone else on here was using a 555ps with their NDS prior to getting a ND555. Whilst the 555ps worked fine with the NDS it wouldn’t power up the ND555.

The 555ps went back to Naim and they discovered a fault if I remember his posts correctly.

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Cables look the same, but i have also swapped them for the nd555 ones, nothing worked still. Very frustrating but atleast my nds is back in and working fine.
Wasn’t sure if the screen had been turned off or something else, but as the naim logo is not lightning up or any sign of life at all, i think something has gone wrong with it, but i live in hope

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Power supply problem
But got another 555 and it’s now playing and doing back to back comparing right now

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Have you checked the fuse (both at the mains socket and in the back panel)? Easy to overlook…

It was me that had the problem using my existing 555ps with one of the first ND555. I never had an NDS but a CDX2. When it failed to power the 555 my dealer tried my ps with his NDS and it worked fine, just not with the 555. There is a power rail the NDS doesn’t use (nor does the CDX2) and mine had a faulty regulator and a blown diode on that rail. I’d bought the ps exdem but it was too old to have any warranty left. Naim turned around a DR conversion in a couple of weeks or three.

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