Help needed with deciding on a naim streamer setup

hi there guys!

i’m considering my entry hifi system… i mostly play hiquality tidal and amazon hd. so i cannot be considered a real audiophille, but i really love listening to music. mostly indie, jazz, classical and a bit of koln/berlin techno on the side.

i’ve been eyeing two setups - i already have bowers&wilkins 606…

1st/ naim nait 5si + blueos powernode 2i
2nd/ the uniti atom

as i stated above - though i’ve read numerous of forums and review, i still cannot consider myself capable of deciding … and will be geatful if you help with it. never auditioned naim gear before but really love the closely knitted community around it.

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Welcome to the Forum. Of your two options, it’s not the Powernode you’d want, as that’s the version including a power amp. So you’d want the standard Node as a source for the Nait.

If the two I’d choose the Atom, which is an excellent little box and can be fully controlled with the Naim app. If you wanted something better, and particularly if you feel you might want to improve the system further, the ND5XS2 and Nait 5XS3 would be a big step up over the Atom. It’s twice the price but more flexible. If that’s too much, the Atom would be great.


uh, yes i meant the node.

so, soundwisely the 5si+node wouldnt sound better than the fully integrated uniti?

If you want to stream from Amazon Music it will have to be the Bluesound.
It’s a very good introductory streamer.


that sounds great! i know the 5si is really entry level amp… but I cannot afford the xs3 or supernait :confused:

The NAIT 5si may well be Naim’s entry-level but it’s a fabulous amp all the same. Of course the quality of the source is ever so important, and here I don’t really know the Bluesound Node, so I think that only a dealer demo will tell you the rest.


You might like to consider the second hand market. Naim users tend to be careful owners and I have been using second hand units for many years without issue. The fact is, you might be able to reach a little higher up the Naim hierarchy and find it a far more satisfying experience longer term.

I used the Bluesound Node 2 for several years. Excellent little streamer, benefits from an external DAC (but that can wait a while) and the user interface is a real pleasure to use. Streamer technology is continuing to evolve, so buying a new unit has more benefits, whereas amplifiers are mature technology and dipping into the used market is less complicated.


hmm, that’s a good point, i just always feel strange to ask for a demo - like i’m overstepping or asking too much… i think i can order it online and have this legal window od 14 days testing it and can return it and even substitute for the other. might just try this.

mmm, here in Bulgaria there is no such great second hand market oof Naim to be honest:/ looked through just two ads :confused:

but definitley i dont want to go down the rabbit hole of adding a DAC in the following few weeks… though it might happen :man_shrugging:t2:

I am a bit like you, in that I feel a little embarrassed if I do not like the system when having the demo. However, please consider that most hifi kit takes time to burn in, and many people on here will explain (better than I can) that the sound tends to evolve over time. In effect, a brand new amplifier is not necessarily going to give you its full measure in 2 weeks. That is great if you like it immediately and then feel that it gets even better, but it is not great if you feel disappointed with the new box experience. That is where a decent dealer will help you out, because you can turn up with your speakers, plug in a well run in amplifier and hear the ‘end game’ for that amplifier. You might also find that he has other options at that price point and so you can do some comparisons.
It looks there are 4 Naim dealers in Sofia, and it might be worth phoning a couple and seeing what they can offer.
I hope that you have a positive experience and introduction to a rewarding hobby.

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hmm, that sounds like a really fair point. i disnt know there are four dealers… just two and just one of them in Sofia. Will definitley try and give them a call for a demo… definitley a already burnt in amp will do justife to my ears than a brand new.

thanks for suggesting!

As @hungryhalibut said, it’s a wonderful system. Good value and probably everything you need


Won’t be able to stream Amazon HD though

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Just try a dealer search on the Naim website. Hopefully, you will get lucky

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So? Did the OP even mention wanting do that? It won’t make toast either, or shine your shoes.

They did:

i mostly play hiquality tidal and amazon hd.


Gentlemen please. Doesn’t matter.
Let the OP make Tidal the focal point.
And still , if buying Atom, a excelent system that makes 95% of all things available effortlessly

okayyy, i think you are making me lean atrongly to the atom side :slight_smile: which my gf approves better in terms of interior :slight_smile:

it will be more than enough watts/impendance wise, i think? though it’s 40watts all around… people claim it easily drives speakers far more superior than the 606s

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I think the Atom will do just fine for a pair of smaller speakers like the 606’s.

Im biased. I’ve have a UQ2. :sweat_smile:
But in all seriousness, it’s a good relation benefits / price. And drives well standmounts like @litemotiv point out.

( I’ve heard it personally ProAc Tablets, Dynaudio focus 160, kef LS50’s , MA gold 100)

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