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My favorite stereo store sold me a CD5-SI a couple years ago.
Its the best sounding component I have ever purchased, maybe with the exception of the Rega P8 I also purchased there.
I bought a NAC 202 used /private party with a NAPSC.
Heard it play and it sounded awesome.
I have older Harmon Kardon Citation 22 amps that I was trying to play with.
When I got it home and hooked it up it did not work. Only an error code.
Went to another retailer. bought a used flat cap PS.
Fixed the error code, still no sound.
Tried to get ahold of him but I have been Ghosted.
Bought a new amp. EMOTIVA XPA-6. Still no sound.
Bought a new Non-Naim power supply.
No sound.
Yes, bought the right cables and still wont work.
If you turn the Pre up really high (max) you can hear music but barely.
I don’t Know what I’m doing wrong. I have researched and studied all the reference material I can find. This was supposed to be the beginning of my “dream” system and it has become quite the disappointment.
Any Suggestions?
I want to use the old Harmon Kardons until I can afford a NAP 200 or 250 DR which could be a year or two.

Have you tried different inputs? Also which output are you using on the CD5Si? RCA or DIN? You should check the socket assignments.

Are you using a DIN4 to RCA for the connection from the pre/ps to the power amp?

Failing that, I would go snd see the Naim dealer who sold you the CD5Si and see if they can help.

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Sounds like you have the wrong cable from your flat cap to your HK power amp

Is the muting turned on? Are the inputs programmed to the correct connections (DIN/Phono)?? How were you powering the 202 before you got the flatcap?

Does the P8 sound OK?

Could it be the 30 plus year old HK 22 ?

Tried it with the new amp I purchased. No luck.
Tried the previous preamp with the HK’s. No problem.
Back to the NAC202 No sound.

Used the NAPSC that came with it.
ERROR was shown. Bought the flat cap as recommended by 2nd dealer.
ERROR cleared but no sound

I’ve tried NAIM DIN cables, bought NAIM DIN to RCA custom cables (from UK), tried RCA cables.
Checked sockets over and over.
Going to the dealer today.

Sounds like the Cd5si output is selected to RCA and you’ve got the CDP connected by DIN.
Turn the volume down low and play a cd while swapping the output selector on the remote.
Just a thought.

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How are you connecting the power amp to the 202 ?

I’m assuming you are taking the output from one of the signal out sockets on the Flatcap via a DIN4 to 2x RCA cable to the power amp ?


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Thank you all for your help and time.
I went to Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle.
Dominic was very helpful and was willing to help me out even though I only bought the CD player from them.
Had us stumped for a minute with different power supplies and amps. (all Naim)
Could only get one channel.
Then his Ah-Ha moment. He adjusted the balance on my NAC 202. Everything works.
I felt a little foolish but so appreciative.
Ended up buying a used, factory re-capped Chrome Bumper NAP 250 from them.
Very Pleased.




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