Help part 3

OK, So I finally hooked up my 12s and my Snaps, after toing and froing getting the strange 5 pin din changed back to a 4 pin, Part time I thought. Nope. Connecting the Snaps to the preamp and Amp, I was greeted with what I can call was a hum. Bugger I thought and switched everything off. Man that was a mistake was hit with a huge grounding buzz. quickly turned off the amp everything went quiet.
Checked the cables just to make sure everything was in the correct slot turn everything back on again hurrah sound but only out of 1 channel. turned the Snaps off again huge hum from both speakers.

Do you think my cable is the culprit? or the SNAPS. Hope its the cable as I was using the 5pin snaic before (5th pin wasn’t connected to anything before you say anything).



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