Help Please. UK hi-fi Show - Cartridge Demo

No announcement for a show this year I’m afraid (wouldn’t that be nice).
I have a question about one of the demonstrations at the 2019 Ascot show which has bugged me ever since, and it’s only just occurred to me (bit slow on the uptake these days; I blame lockdown :scream:) that some of the members on here may have been at the show and might be able to help.

Matthias Bode (from Germany’s Stereo Magazine) conducted a demonstration in the Luxman room, of three cartridges at different price levels. At the lower end was a Goldring (I think), and the mid-range cartridge was the Hana ML.
My query; can anyone confirm what the top range cartridge was in this demo? It sounded like Matthias called it a Kia? (I didn’t know they made car-tridges - sorry)! At the show it clearly out-performed the Hana (which I’m considering for when my SL wears out) but I am curious what this mysterious cartridge was?
Can anyone who was there remember that far back?

It’s possibly a clearaudio? Not the same demo but very similar. Listen at 3 minutes. He says “clearaudio” but it sounds a bit like “Kia audio”. He introduces the clearaudio concept mc.


These days I tend to cut to the quick - why not (google as I did him) send him an email and ask him


Thanks for the responses guys. Bang on!
@AndyP - I had tried to find his email details in the past and drew a total blank. Of course, if you search now it seems to be everywhere (I am rubbish with t’internet though!). Thanks for the link.
@robert_h - spot on Sir! Give that man a prize!

I sent Matthias an email and he was kind enough to respond within the hour. What a nice fellow.

Matthias confirmed that for his Ascot Show presentations he had used the “Clearaudio Jubilee MC, a high-class/high-price MC (the german prize of Jubilee MC is 4290 Euros) which is by all means clearly above the very well done Hana Ml”. Based purely on the demonstration of these cartridges in the Luxman room at the Ascot show, I would have to agree. It was certainly an impressively detailed and ‘open and airy’ sound quality. Definitely warrants further investigation.
Matthias also recommended, for lesser budgets “the Clearaudios Talismann V2 for about
1500 Euros could be a very good alternative. It gives excellent sound – very energetic with fine details and a three-dimensional soundstage”.

Anyone here familiar with Clearaudio cartridges, especially in the context of a Naim system?

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FYI, we heard the UK Hi-Fi Show Live (Ascot) is scheduled for October 23/24th, subject to all the usual COVID caveats


Assuming it goes ahead, would Naim hope to be there (and being a bit cheeky Clare, what equipment would you demonstrate)? :wink:

Way too early to say on both fronts, i’m afraid!

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I guessed as much.
Thought I could get a scoop! :grinning:

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That is a really nice touch - glad you solved the mystery.

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According to recent issues of Hi-Hi News the Ascot show is to take place at the end of October this year. Fingers crossed.

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