HELP please with Naim DAC to Supernait 3 connection

I have a SN (original) in my home office that I love (still) so much that when I built a second system in the family room I went with a new SN3. I also bought a used Naim DAC on auction, and stream Roon through the DAC to the SN3. Heaven. I would like to upgrade from a generic RCA connection to a DIN connection, and have some questions:

  1. Which DIN interconnect to use. Someone told me 4 pin to 5 pin, but the FAQ on this support site implies 5 to 5 (180’s). Which is correct?
  2. Assume they should not be locking so they can float?
  3. The nDAC manual recommends connecting to the Aux input on a Naim preamp or int amp. The Aux input on the SN3 looks different than the other standard inputs. What is the reason for this? Is the Aux input recommendation outdated? Any downside in using the Stream input?
  4. The SN3 manual mentions an Aux 2 input - but I see none. Obviously I’m missing something…

Any assistance would be appreciated. I bought the SN3 from a private seller, and the retail store I bought the DAC from online is shuttered during the quarantine - so I came here for some guidance.

Hope everyone remains in good health!


Dave Magnuson
Cleveland, USA

Dave, best is to use a DIN 5-5 interconnect. I use a Hi-line. Excellent. You can input to any of the 180 degree DIN5 inputs on the supernait.

Hi Dave,

I have a DAC connected to a SN2, not exactly your setup, but quite similar. Regarding your questions:

  1. A 5 pin to 5 pin 180 degree DIN is the one you need.
    2 The plugs can be locking ones, if you like to float them, just don’t tighten the rings. I have mine locked, but that’s a matter of taste.
  2. All 180 degree inputs can be used, they are electrically the same. I use the HDD input.
  3. The Aux 2 is a power carrying output with a 270 degree socket. You can attach a Stageline or something similar to it.

I hope this helps, otherwise Richard Dane will tell you soon. I doubt trust him.

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Thanks to Richard and Mulberry for their quick responses. Got what I need…

Stay well


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