HELP ! Please

I have a Muso gen 1 and today got a QuBe also gen 1
Hoping to multiroom pair them

It is not working

I get both players in the room list
have enabled multiroom inputs
But the icon for multiroom pairing is not on the app

Can anyone help with this please ???

So disappointed and frustrated !

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I’m in the opposite position, I only have one Naim streaming device but the app has the multi-room icon. I only get to see it on the Play queue screen and it is a little icon with 4 squares in the bottom right corner of the screen

Well I am sorry to hear that E!

You’re just teasing me now !!!..

So you’re still not seeing it in the Play Queue screen?

Have you enabled multiroom on both devices?

Yes I have
But the multiroom icon is not appearing

Is the firmware up to date on both Musos, and do you have the latest version of the Naim app?

You only see the multiroom icon on the Now Playing screen. So start one player playing, tap on the bottom bar and that gives you the Now Playing screen and you should see the multi room icon. Tap it and you are good to go.

The other thing to know is that you can’t multiroom high resolution music in first generation players.


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