Help. SD card troubles

I’ve just upgraded my uniti Star to a Nova. I’ve taken the SD card which contained all my Star rips and put it in the Nova, but the Nova can’t see it? I have then taken the SD card from the Nova and tried it back in the Star which now can’t see it either. Thinking the card may have corrupted I tried it in my Mac, thankfully all the music is still there however.
Any advice? Is this an issue with the 3.5 firmware?

On the Naim support page it discussed the usb drive or sd card as being exclusively administered for the storage of music by the Uniti Star. It implies it is not readable by the Nova or other streamers? Perhaps other owners can shed some light.

Thanks Gazza. Strange that it can still be read by my MacBook, I may try changing the folder hierarchy.

You need to go into the settings with the card in the Nova and go to managing music, configure music store and choose the option to configure whilst keeping content on card

@paulbysea Can you tell me where the managing music setting is? I can’t find it in settings on the Nova?

David, any thoughts on the OP’ s problem… @davidhendon

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Go to settings in the app on android it is the gear symbol to get there.

I’m on iOS, I’ve been into the settings icon. Then into other settings and I can’t find a manage music setting, the only thing mentioning store is an Amazon Store setting.

I’ve tried rebuild database and it finds music on the usb disk (259 albums) but not the sd card, interestingly when I tried the same last night it did start to load songs from the sd card (it went up to 303) but I then stupidly touched something and they disappeared.

Sorry but I don’t know anything about the Nova. You don’t need to designate anything as a music store in the Nova as it doesn’t rip, but I would have expected it to be able to read an SD card from a Star.

Probably one to refer to Naim support.



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No you need to configure the music store so it can be read. I have had to do this when my Star was exchanged for another one.

Yes but that is another Star, which does rip. The Nova won’t have a music store and I imagine anything that you plug into the USB or SD socket is automatically a music share and should be readable without any definition.

(In Naim jargon, a music store is where the device in question stores its own rips.)



Thanks guys. I’ve emailed Naim support, let’s see what they say. My Star had the manage store options but the Nova doesn’t.

This is the relevant page from the online Nova manual.

It should work if you do this.



Thanks @davidhendon, you’re right this should work but it doesn’t, the card doesn’t seem to be registering, when I go into servers/local music/artists (or any of the other options) I get ‘no results’. The music is on the card and the music can be found by my MacBook.

It’s very odd. There are lots of workarounds though. For example you could copy the files to a USB stick on your computer. Or maybe even copy the SD files to a new path on the same SD card or another SD card that never was intimate with your Star!

But it would be good to know why any of that is necessary.



Have you got another card or a usb stick you can copy a couple of albums to. It might be worth trying this as it might be that the Nova for some reason is not able to read an SD card etc configured for the Star.

I’m looking around for another card to see if I can load the music on to it. The usb works fine

Ok found another card and copied an album to it, and it works! Must be some issue with the formatting the Star applied to the card… I’ll see if I can change the file structure, bit of a faff really

Final update. Nova couldn’t read the file structure set up by the Star and the also prevented any changing of the folders via my MacBook except for the downloads folder. I’ve had to erase and reformat the sd card, then copy the artist folders into a top level folder called music. It’s working, but it was a bit of a pain.