Help - SL2 tweeter failed

Just hooked up my ndx and sn2; having enjoyed my superuniti. Suddenly one of the SL2 tweeters stopped working.

Could I get a replacement from Naim and do anyone know how much these things cost; or are there other alternatives.

Don’t have original packages so not looking forward to sending away. I wonder if local Naim dealer do home visits/callout.

IIRC, Naim can supply the correct selected and matched pairs of these tweeters. I believe that it’s possible for a Naim dealer to fit.

Otherwise, you can source replacements singly (albeit not selected or matched) more cheaply from places such as Falcon Acoustics.

Thank you. I will call Naim tomorrow.

You’ll need to order through your Naim dealer. Last we heard here was that they were in very short supply so hopefully you’ll be lucky. Otherwise, there are other sources, as per my post above.

Ok, thanks; will do. Fingers crossed!

I used Falcon Acoustics for replacement tweeters on my Credos and it made a huge difference. They weren’t matched though but that doesn’t matter in my particular case.
SL2s deserve matched one’s though so I hope you’re in luck. :blush:

I hope Naim come good for me🤞

Have you checked the connections between the crossover and tweeter assembly ? It would be worth swapping the crossover boxes between speakers just to eliminate the crossover as an issue.

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I’ll give that a try. Just a shame can’t enjoy new purchase. Tempted to resurrect the old SBLs from the garage as an interim cure.

Give the tweeter a little sniff. Then compare to the other one. See if you can tell if you have been frying some sausages on the dead tweeter. In saying that it could be a dry solder joint as well. Naim told me last year they still have matched tweeters and woofers for the sl2. So you should be fine. Good luck

Thanks soundsfaber

Few years ago now but Naim supplied replacement matched pair of SL2 tweeters. Purchased them through Cymbiosis who prepared the tweeters for install by soldering on the flying leads and 4mm sockets.
Installation was then “mechanical” (i.e. no soldering) with the addition of some Hylomar blue between tweeters and their mounting plates. The tweeter terminal plates have keyhole shaped holes for the 4mm sockets allowing them to be installed after they are soldered to the tweeter flying leads.

If Naim no longer have stock then another source is Willys-hifi .com (no relation). They have the correct tweeters listed by speaker type.




Thanks Willy; Naim confirmed they’ve got them and my local naim dealer is arranging to get and fit them for me.


Good news!

Good news indeed. Looks like Naim’s legendary service department is back to its best!



I read somewhere that replacing the tweeters after ten years is a very nice touch. :hugs:

Hi Willy or anybody that really knows.
Hylomar blue (aerograde I guess) is that what naim use? Do they supply it or is it something that you just go out and get. Also the Nm torque for the tweeter mounts/face plate bolts any idea what that should be?
Do you folks think it’s a worthwhile exercise to replace the tweeters due to age and not mechanical function issues?

Hylomar Blue should be available from any Motor factors.

Can’t recall what the torque setting was for attaching the tweeters but when in doubt go with 3.6Nm. Alternatively your friendly Naim dealer could supply the correct value.

I wasn’t aware of any issues with my tweeters until one of them failed. Replacing the pair brought a considerable improvement in performance. Surprisingly (well to me at any rate) was the the greatest improvement was in Bass quality.



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The tweeters provide the leading edge on basslines so bass appears to start and stop better :slight_smile: