Help Sought... NAP 120 Power Lead

It’s my fault. I knew I shouldn’t ever sell any hifi equipment but it’s overflowed from my office (I’ve found it hard to avoid a ‘bargain’ on that auction site) especially when it involved CB equipment.

I sold a bolt down NAP160/NAC12 and shipped it off complete with all related cables. I’m about to get an older NAC12/NAP120 serviced and… I can’t find the power lead.
It’s because I sold it with the NAP160 and I don’t have a spare nor know what it’s called.

This is what it looks like:
Google Photos

Does anyone know what it’s called?

I would go into my local Naim dealer but I don’t want to for obvious reasons…

Any ideas where one could be sourced?

The connector on the amp end is a 3 pin Bulgin connector rather than the IEC connectors common today. If Naim can’t supply a cable then the Bulgin connectors are easy to get hold of to make up a mains lead.

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Thank you.

Yup, it’s a Bulgin connector. Just be sure to buy the right size as there’s a larger version that was used for things like the Quad ESL57.

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