Help,,sound soft and blurred

And you didn’t have to buy anything!


Hey Jan, would be worth checking the logs on the switch and just checking for persistent errors as this could reoccur again as quickly as it came out of nowhere.

The likely culprit will be the switch getting too many errors to correct but the cause of the errors won’t be the switch.

Glad the issue isn’t present any more , but the fix being a reboot increases the chances of this being until it happens on another day.

If there are any (and it is usually the default) auto negotiation settings on the Ethernet settings of either the source or the switch these are best set to something that both support and fixing it at that.

Auto negotiation is the work of the devil.

Thanks! Will investigate and take it into consideration.

Hello Adam

I am afraid you are partly right. Issue came back but with less effect. Made checks and resets again and now the mid and high seem perfect but the bass, especially with drums, is still a bit off and ‘tinny’. So how can I check to logs of the switch?

Hi Jan, sorry to hear that, the switch should have come with some sort of setup guide giving you the ability to log on to it and go into some configuration/diagnostics pages to see what the logs show. If you don’t have that then you should be able to google for the user manual.

Equally important will be firmware etc, just seen too many times when the defaults out of the box will functionally operate but mask underlying issues.

If you want to post what switch you have then I can always do a search to see if I can locate what you need.

I’m sure its one of the reasons I don’t tend to stream, makes me feel like I am back at work.

Well for that matter a cd or vinyl is much more care free! Agree on that. I appreciate your advise! Will do some more research myself as you indicated and get back on it, just to let you know :).

No worries, good luck!

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Not checked firmware yet in the switch… but gave it some good listen again now everyone of the family are sleeping ;). Reset the app, plugged out and in all cables again… and i think the high and mid are fine, perhaps better than ever. But the bass?? Tried several types of music and recording qualities. All with the same conclusion to my ears. I even tried “limit to your love” from James Blake. I do not really like the song but when that deep bass kicks in…my speakers are seriously into it ( by the way…ASW Genius 510’s)! But now…the voice, the piano, the synth…crispier then ever… the deep bass…gone! I can hardly believe this,comes from a change in power supply on a switch or anything like that? It almost felt like the woofers were switched off…

No bass in Limit to Your Love? Something is wrong …


Now it is finally solved (my switch turned out to be unmanaged) thanks to a mail to my Naim dealer. I explained all I tried and changed and what I missed in the sound. He asked me to check the bridges at the speaker. Logical of course…but…I never played with these! Now I added them (kept them over the years from earlier days when I bi-wired) and immediately everything fell into its right place. Am I going nuts? How can it be that it worked for at least 8 months without bridges and all of a sudden the setup decided to be in need of them? Anyway…I can sleep again. :slight_smile:

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What? You ran them without the terminal jumpers? Like, none at all? Just the speaker cables in the top (HF) terminals?

Most jumper cables that are terminated with a spade have the rubber shield fairly close to the termination.
Looking at your pic. It looks like you have them in too much and the speaker terminals have also the rubber bit within the clamp.
I would undo them, pull the jumpers out a touch, then screw them tight between just the spade.

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OK so the mystery becomes how the hell it could ever have sounded acceptable

Thanks, will do!

Correct. And now it sounds in my ears the same as a week ago and all those months before. I really am dumbstruck how this even was possible.

Beats me :man_shrugging: But you got a new and better system for free, enjoy :slight_smile:


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