Help: standard Naim mains cables with different specifications

Dear All,
I have a cd 5x and a Nap 200 DR, but I have the standard mains cables with different specifications:

  1. … 3G 1.0mm 60227 IEC 53 3ASL/100…;
  2. … 3G 0.75mm COXOC OVE CEBEC…;

Are both original standard Naim mains cables?
Which is the mains cable of the Nap 200 DR?

thank you for the help!


My guess would be the 1mm one is for the NAP200.

Standard Naim mains cable uses 0.75mm2 conductors.

thanks in the meantime…
I read in a topic that @Slamdam has the first one (i.e. 1mm): what naim components are provided with this?

You either have the standard Power line lite cable (0.75mm2 conductors) or the Power line (4mm2 conductors) offered by Naim.

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I believe it’s different between UK and rest of Europe then because my Naim cables are 1mm2 and same with my Music line netzleiste which use a Naim cable.


My SN3 came factory sealed with 2x power cables, a UK powerline lite (0.75mm2) and an EU Schuko lead (1.00mm2)


I would use the one with 1.0mm cable for the NAP200DR.
Although it does seem a little on the skinny side and would consider 1.5mm or better to be desirable.

@ RichardPW The EU shuko lead maybe thicker to cater for circuit breaker tripping, as shuko plugs are not fused.

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