Help Star updating for long time

We had a thunderstorm yesterday so unplugged mt Star.
Plugged it in today and it’s gone into updating but seems to be stuck.
I’ve left it about an hour so far,
There’s no mention of a update on this site ,so looking for advice please, should I leave it for awhile or do a factory reset.
I don’t want to brick it

I doubt a factory reset would help. I would just turn it off, unplug the mains socket, leave it for a while, then try starting it again.

I agree with Chris.

My friends Nova did the same. Perpetual update cycle. Never booted properly. Ended up being a failed streaming board.

I tried as Chris suggested and luckily it’s booted up Ok. Phew!

Didn’t think I’d missed an update on here. though we haven’t had one for a while

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There hasn’t been an update for a while.

It’s a computer when all is said and done. So turning it off and on again is the first thing to try with such glitches.

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