Help Supernait3 croaks!

Hi everyone, I’m freaking out! my supernait 3 still under warranty crackles on the left channel when i turn up the volume, the support said the problem is in the electrical system in my house.

I mounted a dc blocker but nothing happens, what could it be?

If it’s in one channel, it’s a problem with the amplifier.
I cannot believe whoever you spoke to at ‘support’ said it in the house supply.


reverse the speaker terminals at the rear of the amp to rule out the left speaker


does it happen when you use the remote, adjust the volume manually or both? My SN3 can make a noise when I adjust volume with the remote, which I assume is noise from the voume pot motor. Doesn’t seem to have any impact otherwise.

Unfortunately, the assistance center said that the house system was to blame.

I hear ya, someone needs to get retrained


Might be the volume pot is a bit dusty.
Switch off and turn it up and down a few times then turn it right down and switch on again to check.
I see no reason whatsoever that someone would say it’s your house electrics affecting one speaker.

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Is it only when using the remote control or also when altering the volume manually?

What did your dealer think?

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I tried and the problem remains. The noise is heard even with headphones.

Both the dealer and the after-sales service have the same opinion: the problem is the house wiring.
I’m really tempted to sell everything and get a class d amp and make my life easier!

So the dealer has seen the amp and tested at their shop and it’s OK there?


Can I just check. Do you mean that there is a crackle on one channel just while you are actually changing the volume? Or do you mean that when the volume is high, you hear a crackle all the time?

Perhaps what he told me is correct, so what can generate such an annoying disturbance?

Ah ok. If it’s fine at their shop then it could well indicate some kind of issue at home. Do you use any Ethernet over mains devices?


Try completely turning off the ethernet over mains and disconnecting them from the mains sockets. Does the cracking stop? If not, try turning off every single thing in the house apart from the Supernait. Does the crackling stop?

Believe me, I’ve tried everything, I’ve been investigating for months, I was hoping someone had the same problem and figured out how to fix it.

But very specifically, have you tried totally disconnecting the PowerLine adaptors, turning them off and everything? Have you tried borrowing your dealer’s demo SN3?

Question why just the left channel ?
Can you try a dealers SN3 at your location.?
I just posted and noticed this has been asked about a loan amp. :roll_eyes:

yes I unplugged and plugged everything in, I didn’t ask for the SN3 demo, but I’ll try