Help to improve Network Connection to NDX2

Hi. I am looking for some advice on how to improve my network stability.

I have a Ubiquiti AmplifiHD Mesh network connecting my Broadband router to my home WIfi. My home is over 3 floors and I get coverage around the house good enough to stream multiple 4K video streams simultaneously yet I often get odd dropouts to my NDX2 wirelessly connected. These are usually when streaming via Roon which is set to Max PCM rate (power of 2) in DSP settings. When this happens the stream stops and the NDX drops of the network and seems to restart. This action doesn’t seem to happen if using the Naim App.

I am unable to wire the NDX2 directly to my router (rented accommodation). It is on the same floor, around 15 metres from the router in another room. If I wire the NDX2 to one of the satellite mesh points, despite my network health only displaying as moderate in the Naim app, the dropouts seem to stop and playback is normal using roon.

It is a little strange that I can stream video around the house without issues yet the audio stream to the NDX seems peculiarly affected but I am aware that perhaps having Roon in the mix is introducing unexpected overheads.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might improve the stability of the network?
Does anyone have any experience of AmplifiHD to suggest configuration changes?

If I maintain the wired connection (my preference would be wireless) would I benefit from introducing an audiophile switch (such as EE8) between the mesh point and the NDX2?

Thanks for any help

I was going to suggest that this is exactly what you would need to…

don’t take any notice on on this, the first release of this feature is not accurate at all. Plugging into the Mesh Satellite would be a good move to try


Thanks both.
24 hours with a connection wired to the closest Mesh point and so far no dropouts - beginning to look like a solution.

Anyone have thoughts on the inclusion of an “audiophile” switch or, shock horror, an “audiophile cable” from the mesh point to the NDX2? Does it make any difference?

Very subtle differences at best in my experience. Far more cost effective to save the money towards upgrades to your system.

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For my NDX I’ve moved from wifi to hard wired with a reasonably good cable and the EE switch. Total spend is around £400. For that the improvement was worthwhile. But different people seem to experience different improvements.

If you are connecting the streamer directly to the mesh, I’d forget the switch. I do use one, but my nas and streamer both connect to it and it made a worthwhile difference. As to cables, I’m using Blue Jeans Cat 6A, which cost about £30 and was better than a £300 AudioQuest. Make of that what you will, but remember that more expensive isn’t always better.

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