HELP: Uniti Core issues with TOSHIBA (NAS N300) 4TB

Hi, I´m using a toshiba hdd (nas n300 with 4tb capacity) with my uniti core. Both devices were bought 3 months ago. I have ripped around 400 cds from my collection directly to the uniti core and it worked fine for the first 3-4 weeks. One day I realized that my naim-app does not show any album in the directories. I have reset the device, my router, capped the power supply, restarted the app. This helped for a week or so, but for 4 weeks or so, all directories are empty again… and nothing seems to help. Any clues how to deal with it? All in all, a very good device, but the technology seems immature. Wouldn´t expect that with a device at 2kEUR…

Is all your software and firmware on all devices and apps up to date?

Are you using the Naim app to view music via a Naim streamer, or do you just use the Naim app to view the Core directly?

@Richard: All is up to date, provided that there hasn´t been any updates since January 1st. I´m using the ND5XS and the MU-SO, both linked to the streamer.
@Chris: I´m using both - when I stream to the MU-SO or to the ND5XS, I´m choosing music over these streamers. When ripping cds or changing covers etc, I used the app just for the Uniti Core.
Thanks for your fast responses so far!

have you restarted the nd5xs too? first the router, wait for complete restart. Then restart first the core and then the nd5xs.
I have similar issues , rarely, and i do that. If not, perhaps the toshiba hdd is broken. Try a usb memory stick in the core, with some tunes.
If it still doesn’t work, then a return to the dealer seems appropriate.

Can you select music using the ND5XS remote and the front panel display? If the streamer can see the music files, but not the app, that might narrow things down a bit.

@frenchrooster: I will try both and get back to you.
@Chris: I will check after having done restarts/reboots.

I have rebooted/restarted the router/core/nd5xs. The albums remain invisible… also on the display of the nd5xs…

try the memory stick in the core, to see if you see albums on the app. If yes, perhaps it’s just the hdd failure. Your dealer is near ?

Ok, thanks I will try. Do I have just to copy some wavs or flacs on the stick to make it work?

My naim delaer is in town, I bought the her online though.

So the Core is visible as a server in the ND5 XS UPnP input, and you can also see folders there for Artist, Album, Genre, etc? But those folders are empty? If so, it’s not a discovery issue, as the Core is still found as a server on your network.
If that is the case, can you find the Core’s music folder on a computer, to see that the files are visible there?
Have you tried rebuilding the database via the Core’s Naim app settings?

yes, just some tracks on the memory stick. If they are visible in the app and if the sound is here, it’s probably the hdd .

@ChrisSU: exactly, the folders for artist, genre, latest cds are all empty. I will try to connect the core with a computer now and try to play some files from a stick, as suggested by @frenchrooster

@ChrisSU: I tried to rebuild the music directory, but nothing happens after choosing this option…

Ok, I tried to play some files from a USB-stick today, but the core did not recognize any file on the stick, although it recognized the stick itself. The core does see the toshiba and recognizes it as memory source with all physical data, but no contents.

I did not connect the core to my computer yet, because I have to buy a USB-USB cable… will do that tomorrow probably.

some usb sticks don’t work with naim streamers. San disk are working, i have some. For hdd, naim recommends seagate. You can see which one on their website.
Perhaps someone or a dealer can lend you another hdd , just to try.
With amazon, you can buy and return without problem. If a new hdd works, the problem is solved.

Well, than it seems that I have no choice but to do the following:

  1. Buy the recommended Seagate Pipeline/Video 2 TB (HDD), ca. 55 EUR;
  2. Mirror/Backup/Transfer all data from the Toshiba to the new hdd (I will definitely need technical support here, as I´m not a spec in this field, so I probably will have to pay for it - additional costs and time) or - if this does not work for any reason - rip all my cds again, i.e. standing several weekends to feed the core again;
  3. I definitely cannot return the Toshiba hdd, as I bought it 3 months ago via internet from a serious retailer, not via amazon. According to German law, you cannot return after 2 weeks upon receipt. So I will have to “keep it as a backup”.

OK, but wouldn´it it be easier if NAIM just informed upfront that the uniti core reliably works exclusively with Seagate/Samsung hdds? It is somehow misleading to announce that it works with any hdd. At least it does not work with TOSHIBA.

That might be a wrong assumption. I suspect the Core will work with any HDD,
as your’s has proven at least for the first few weeks. I would question the reliability of the HDD.

@Mike-B you’re right insofar as my assumption is not right until it’s proved that the hdd works fine. I have to check that by connecting the hdd to my computer as suggested by @Richard.Dane.

Btw I did not use the system more often than around ten times until it collapsed…