Help! Upgrade suggestions?

Ok… makes more sense now. Apologies… :neutral_face:

So… a NAP250 seems the way to go - or a 300 if you can stretch.
Pre-loved £’s go further… if you can wait a bit. Several Naim dealers do pre-loved - and will likely have a Wants List… :grinning:

Okay I’m going to take a flyer here. Depending upon your budget see if you can home demo either Kudos S20 or Titan 505 or equivalent from Neat. And yes the 200 will drive them.



If you’re happy with the sound of the speakers I wouldn’t recommend changing them. Personally in that system I would upgrade the power amp without hesitation. The NAP 250DR is the way to go when you consider the balance of your system.

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Good to know, thanks.

Interesting and against the grain, thanks!

If I was forward thinking, would the 300 not make more sense?

I need glasses, ignore my comment

Ah yes, thanks for reminding me!

The OP already has a HiCap DR so a Supercap is not essential.

A 282/HiCap DR/250 is a very capable and balanced amplifier.

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Why? The 282, Hicap, 250 is a classic combination.

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Misread. Apologies

It would yes, but can you stretch that far? Would it be the NAP 300 or the DR variant?

I’d aim for the DR version; my thinking is that I’m getting to close to what I can ultimately afford.

wise decision. A system should be something to be enjoyed so I’d steer away from one that is out of budget.I am confident the 250DR will satisfy you for quite some time.

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With the B&W 804S, the 250DR will be a significant upgrade over 200, giving you a much larger sound and fuller midrange, and lastly much deeper and controlled bass. The 804S being a floorstander will be quite capable in the bass department and the 250DR will be quite rewarding in this respect. You will hear all the detail and texture in the bass with the 250DR that’s missing in the 200. The 200 gives you a “one-note bass”, a leaner and lightweight bass.

There are other improvements as well in the midrange and treble. Percussion and instruments will sound more realistic with decays and everything sounding more refined. You will not be disappointed with the move to the 250DR.

The above impressions are based on my countless comparison between the 200 and 250DR with several speakers in my system, on the 282 and Hicap DR.

If you want a view on how long a NAP250 will ‘last’ in your system, I have had mine since 1985…

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Sorry I believe you meant you were thinking about the 300 DR. If so I’m sure that’s an exceptional amp. I’ve owned the 300 and I really liked its sound signature as in tone, detail retrieval and low end grunt. I will say from memory it was a little darker than the 250DR but I’m sure the 300 DR would improve in this area.

I was very surprised how much more bass control came when moving from a hicap to a supercap between a 282 and a 250. It would be interesting to compare 282/SC/250 to 282/HC/300 with your 804S.

Strong vote for going used/ex-demo higher end kit than new - much better value for money with very little downside if you buy from reputable source…


I’d go used 250 Dr for a balanced system approach first. The 300 is not necessary for the speakers you have in my opinion at the moment.

What you would save on not purchasing a 300 Dr , I would save up and put towards either a 555ps on the Ndx2, or a pair of Kudos 505/606s for a possible future upgrade.

But if the 250 Dr is your end stop, you have a perfectly balanced system.

A full fat Fraim makes perfect sense to ground the system and with the source you have and the 282, a SL interconnect could now be considered appropriate too.

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