Help with adding NS01 as a network share to windows

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to guess network paths for the NS01 Server I’m using at home. I have an external USB hard drive connected and it is able to play it’s albums through the server. But it’s not exactly neat. Anyone have an idea?

Or alternatively is there a way to do a transfer via USB?

Ta in advance for any help you guys can give!

Hi Liam,

You cannot transfer the contents of your USB drive to the NS01’s internal music store, however you can transfer it to the Downloads share, as long as you have the 2TB model, by connecting the external drive to a networked Windows PC.
\\NS01****\Downloads should get you there.
The wild characters are the device name as found at the top of the System Status screen in the GUI or DTC.

Hope this helps!

Yau may struggle a bit with this. In windows you need to reenable SMB 1.1 then it will show up as a share in the network.

If you’re a Mac user, you can attach the USB deive to the Mac, locate the NS01 Downloads folder, and copy the files to it over your network.
On a PC, you should be able to do thw same, but there is an ongoing SMB issue as Gary says that you need to address first.

Thanks a bunch that’s worked a treat!

No problem.

Glad you managed to access it.


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