Help with album artwork...?

With some WAV albums downloaded from Qobuz, once I rename the cover artwork to “folder.jpg”, the UnitiCore picks up the image no problem. But for other albums, it inexplicably fails to pick up the artwork. Have tried ‘embedding’ the artwork using DB Poweramp but makes no difference, neither does resizing the image so that it is under 500Kb. Bit frustrating, any ideas…?

I dont know the exact answer for you, but some software looks for a file called cover.jpg, so I always have a cover.jpg and folder.jpg file in each directory

Thanks GM. In the end I e-mailed the ever-helpful Russell at Naim support who got back to me very quickly and pointed out that cover art needs to be a maximum of 500 x 500 pixels. Once I re-sized the images accordingly the Core picked them up properly. Useful tip.

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