Help with harsh Tannoy and Olive Naim system

“Whoosh parrot”

as they say on some forums.

It’s a cheap dac. Ifi zen dac 2.

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All the equipment was serviced by naim roughly 10 years ago.

I think there are two possible issues here.

The first being a likely need to get the NAP250 serviced.

The second being a source that well out of its depth with the rest of the equipment.

You should look at these two potential issues as a priority.

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I had my 250 serviced a few years ago - noticeable improvement. However, @Arvin has said this problem was evident before he got the 250.

Given the system, it seems that we all think an upgrade to the source is likely to be a major change.

On the other hand, I stand by my suggestion to try moving speakers first, not least because it is a lot cheaper than (say) an NDX2.

Good luck!

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Maybe the issue is the silver speakers cables the OP use? It would be interesting to know which cables exactly are they.

I read further up that they were replaced by NACA5. Or perhaps the opposite?

Ah yes, you are right. He switched the silver cables for the Naca 5.

Keep up Brown!

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