Help With Interconnect

I have the Naim nap 155xs power amplifier and the nac 152xs preamp.
I am thinking about using the nap 155xs power amplifier with my Cary SLP98p preamplifier. I like the tube preamp but I kind of want to try it with the Naim power amplifier because my Dynaudio Special 40 speakers are under powered with my 300b tube amp. I was going to shuffle systems and wanted to try the Naim solid state power amp & Cary tube preamp combo. I need an interconnect with the appropriate plug to go from my RCA connectors on my Preamp to the 4 pin input on the Naim piece. Does anyone have an interconnect like that or know where I could get one and if it is even doable?
Thanks for any advice or help.
I am in the USA
Steve Anderson

Such interconnects do exist, definitely - in the UK - but are not very common. You need to look for cable makers who specialise in cables for Naim kit.

Best have a chat with blue jeans cable.

A cable supplier who understands Naim amps should be able to make up a suitable cable. If in doubt just send them a pic of the back of the amp so that they can see the pin layout:

In this case the cable would have no connection to the 24V output as you wouldn’t be using it.

Just be careful that whoever you chose makes the cable to the Naim 4 pin DIN connector pin out standard. 24v is present on this socket.

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