Help with Naim Uniti Core please

My good old reliable Naim Uniti Core won’t let me access my music. When I attempt to access “New Music” or “Albums” I get “No Results”.

I’ve tried unplugging the unit and giving it a test, to no avail.
I have a horrible feeling that my hard drive is down. That’d be a disaster because I haven’t done a backup in ages.

Hello Janet

If you go to manage music and select music store, does it still have your internal hard disc selected as the music store? And if it does, what does it say if you go to “information” or something similar to that. It should tell you how much space is on the disc and presumably how much isn’t space!

The other thought I had was to rebuild the music database. You do this in the app and it’s under “other settings” I think. Anyway it can’t do any harm. It takes a while though so don’t panic if nothing shows up for a few minutes.

Hi David,
Thank you again for coming to my rescue! As nearly as I can tell, my hard drive is recognized. if I go to View Store it tells me I have a 3.4 terabyte hard drive with 2.8 terabyte available.
If I go to View Local Drives it tells me I have an Internal Sata.
I found the option you suggested to rebuild the database, but before I actually did rebuild the database, I tried again to see my albums and there they were as usual!

I have no idea what I might have done to make them reappear, but thank goodness there they are!

GET THAT BACKUP DONE! :slight_smile:


Definitely! Tomorrow morning for sure!

I’m still wondering what caused the dysfunction so if it ever happens again I know what to do.
I did unplug the Uniti Core.
I did refresh the app.
I tried to access both New Music and Albums REPEATEDLY!
None of these steps worked.
Then, just because, I tried it again after nosing around in the settings and there was my music database.

The thing about gremlins is that they hate backups, and tend to run a mile when they see one. The more backups, the stronger the force. A bit like garlic and vampires.


That happened to me once when we were beta testing. I was advised to do a power off restart of the Core by the Naim guys and it took about ten minutes before the music started appearing. Very scary moment (although I have multiple backups). No one ever offered me an explanation!

I have to confess it happened to me once before and it corrected itself (mysteriously) within 24 hours.
In the case I just reported, my Naim was down three days before I called for help. And then it again mysteriously corrected itself.
Today, prior to doing my long overdue backup, my library display disappeared again. This time it was down only briefly. I wish I could explain this. It does worry me that there might be something amiss with my hard drive, but that is just a worried guess. It is more likely to be … what?

It’s hard to know for sure. It isn’t normal Core behaviour, that is for sure.

Once you have your backup then what you could do is seize the moment and buy a new hard disc, Put it in your Core and then restore your backup to the new disc. It takes as long to do a restore as it does to do a backup, so don’t rush it!

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I’m backing up 24,915 files, which is quite a lot more than I started with!
I have 2.8 terabytes available of 3.65 SSD. It looks like I could easily get by with a 2 tb SSD as a replacement instead of the 3tb one I’m presently using, That’ll save me a few dollars.

You may well find that 2TB is enough. Just remember though that if you add more files in either 24 bit or DSD they use much more space than 16/44.1 files.
Also allow an absolute minimum of 10% spare capacity for any drive to function smoothly.

I agree that 2 TB should be fine, but noting also Chris’s comments.

I didn’t realise that you had an SSD. That makes a failure less likely but of course you can get failures anywhere so I think it’s still worth doing. I suggest you buy a Samsung 870 EVO which I know works well as I have one! Also those 850, 860 and 870 EVO drives seem very reliable.

I have a 4 TB Samsung 860 EVO. I paid over $700 for it in 2019. Ouch. A new EVO 870, which is the recommended version now, would cost me less than $250.

“If you’re looking to add some storage via a traditional 2.5-inch SATA drive rather than a tiny M.2 “gumstick,” Samsung’s spectacular 870 EVO is your best bet. It’s the fastest SATA SSD we’ve tested, it’s available in up to 4TB of capacity, and it’s exceedingly affordable given its speed.”

If only it were that simple. I am finding it exceedingly difficult to discard my $700 SSD! I do know that prices drop over time but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I hope you don’t mind me jumping in on your thread, but the title is just right. I have recently purchased a Core, which should be delivered next Wednesday. I have also purchased a Samsung 870 EVO SSD 2TB for it. It is to replace my NS01, which has served me well for the last 10 years. I have been reading the online guide and it seems I can either import the music files from the NS01, in which case they should copy to the Music folder, or I can copy them from a second backup drive (Western Digital), in which case the files end up in the Downloads folder. Is there any advantage in terms of speed, or quality? It seems more logical to import from the NS01, which would eliminate any losses which might have occurred in making the backups previously to the WD.

Another question, if I should prefer the Core, I will try to sell the NS01, but does anyone know how I delete all the music from it? And, more interestingly, how do I delete the music on the second drive, the internal backup?

Thanks for any advice.

There is no advantage in putting the files into the downloads folder rather than the Music folder! It’s just another bit of the same SSD so speed and quality is exactly the same.

The main reason to put the files into the Music folder is that you can then edit the metadata if you want to using the Naim app. If you have 10/10 OCD as far as metadata is concerned, then you might see an advantage in putting the files into the downloads folder because then you can get your favourite metadata editor and change the things that Naim never bothered with, composers and conductors, where you can search on those fields but not change what is in them! Totally ridiculous.

Anyway as I don’t have 10/10 OCD, I would choose to put the rips from your NS01 in the Music folder.

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question about deleting data from the NS01. I don’t think deleting albums is hard, as I did it easily enough when I had a Unitiserve. But I didn’t have to worry about the backup disc.

Apart from the online database that Naim provides, there is a whole lot of other information that Richard assembled from several of us. This gives you a much more granular approach to understanding the Core and would be worth a read. It’s the third topic down in the FAQ Room.

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It’s a universal truth that everything gets more expensive except for things that irritate the hell out of you when you find they cost less now!

In any case you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that you are changing the SSD to try to solve your disappearing music issue. If you put it off and next time the music didn’t come back and you found you had let your backup schedule slide again………

Thanks, David. Regarding the backup drive on the NS01, I will try doing a full backup once I’ve cleared the main drive. That might copy a clean disc onto the backup., thereby leaving it empty. Curiously as far as I’m aware it’s not possible to see what’s on the backup drive.

Hmm. So here is an idea. Delete the music from the primary drive (maybe leave eg a Naim freebie CD there so you know you are looking in the right place. Then backup your newly emptied drive to the backup drive.

Then (I don’t know how you do this) try to restore the music drive from your internal backup drive.

Or something like that!

Nice idea, David, but I don’t know how to do that. I reckon I should be able to clear the main drive, but I don’t even know how to view the contents of the internal backup, let alone how to back up from there.

I suspect that IF anyone actually wants to buy it, I’ll clear the main drive and let the new owner benefit from my CD collection if he can work out how to do it and he’s sad enough to want to listen to any of my CDs.

Is there anything in the Windows DTC I wonder?