Help with Naim Uniti Core please

I haven’t found it yet, David, but to be fair I have t really been looking for it thus far. I’ll have a look in the week and will report back if I find anything.

Time to bite the bullet and get the new EVO! Look at it the other way; if prices had gone up instead of down, you would now be looking at a $2000 bill to sort the problem.

It’s a universal truth that everything gets more expensive except for things that irritate the hell out of you when you find they cost less now!

In any case you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that you are changing the SSD to try to solve your disappearing music issue. If you put it off and next time the music didn’t come back and you found you had let your backup schedule slide again………

Too right! I’ll get on with it for sure.

But, believe it or not, I have some other issues I have to work on first….

I installed an isolation transformer last night that will supposedly clean up the dirty electricity throughout my house and my helper probably accidentally disconnected my Ethernet connection.
I wouldn’t ordinarily mention this problem until I’ve had time to troubleshoot but I can’t contain myself from mentioning how much more complicated listening to music has become since I adopted digital streaming. Maybe my system is jinxed but it seems as though I spend a lot of time troubleshooting digital issues. I see this message fairly often for no apparent reason. Fortunately it usually resolves itself by unplugging the Naim. But could it also be mean my router needs replacing? It’s like the SSD issue - Maybe!

That probably means the app isn’t seeing your Core where it expected to see it. You may find if you drag the page down and let go that it will find it again. Otherwise you could try restarting the app (by swiping it away and reselecting it),

The next step would be power off restart the Core and your phone/tablet. And the next step is to turn the Core and your phone and the router off, start the router first, wait for it to finish starting up, then put power back on the Core and when that has finished starting, turn the app on again.

I know that Naim says not to edit or change files in the music folder, but I’ve found (through switching my NAS store and share a couple of times) that a database rebuild will allow this.

So if I were transferring between devices, and I liked the idea of using the Naim app to modify metadata, I would definitely copy to the music folder, and then run a database rebuild.

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If I might also be allowed to jump in on this topic:

I have a Uniti Core on order (in fact, it’s arriving tomorrow). What, if any, brand of SSD is favored by you seasoned Naim users? I’m looking for an 8TB drive.


I don’t know whether you can get an 8TB version, but the certainly best SSD for this application is the Samsung 870 EVO, which you can get in 4TB I think. I see there is an 8TB 870 QVO which is not too expensive, but I have never tried QVO drives in a Core personally so can’t vouch for it.

But if you are moving music in rather than ripping it, then you can add a Music share of another SSD, either plugged into the USB port in the back, or in a network drive like a NAS and put a few TBs onto that.

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I was right. In the mess of cables behind my music system rack I found a disconnected Ethernet cable. I didn’t see the problem right away because I have TOO MANY CABLES. I’ve added an Ether Regen and a Teddy Pardo Linear Power Supply which theoretically cleans up the Ethernet signal but adds to the cable mess. Once I found the disconnected cable, Problem solved.
I’m awaiting delivery for a new SSD.
Thanks, as always, for coming to my rescue, David. Your help is very much appreciated!

Interesting! Well I’m glad you found it. Maybe you can cancel the new SSD?

Thanks, David. I have my music files backed up onto a 5TB Seagate portable, and while it would be adequate for now, I’d like to eventually add an internal drive. Since the Core will handle up to 8TB, I thought I’d shoot for that.

I’m seeing lots of Seagates and Western Digitals on Amazon, which is why I thought I’d seek help here.

The backed-up files are from my Cocktail Audio X45, which I’m ditching in favor of the Core. I hope there won’t be compatibility issues…

Understood. But there is no need to have all that memory inboard. If you read the stuff in the FAQs you will see the distinction between the Music Store where the Core puts its own rips and is usually internal to the Core (but doesn’t need to be) and Music Shares where you can put other already-ripped content and can also be anywhere.

I’m pretty sure the problems are unrelated. The earlier problem occurred when the Ethernet cable was properly connected.

Yes….anyway, you have a strategy going forwards, which is good. Let us know how it works out.

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