Help with nap 90 vs 140

I had a 62/90/HC olive for years - all kept up to date with servicing etc, and attached to some neat ioata alphas - and fair to say I loved it.

But I got upgraditis at some point and bought a 140 - which was apparently serviced at class A not too long ago (I have the invoice).

However I kinda hate it. On some records I get the most troublesome boom from certain lower frequencies that I never really got with the 90. In fact I swapped it back for a while and tried to forget I’d ever bothered with the 140. But it was just sitting there and I wanted to get the most out of it. I tried everything, moving furniture, investing in some naca5 etc - all to no avail.

I don’t know what to think. Could it just be that it’s that much ‘bigger’ that the 140 is unsuitable for my room? Could it have gone bad? Any ideas?! The 90 is in the loft right now, and we’ve just renovated the living room so I’ve had one last attempt at reconfiguring the room hoping I can get the 140 to sing (again to no avail). But before I go back in the loft to get the 90 back down and think about moving the 140 on, I wondered if anyone had any insight? How can the 90 be fine (and great!) yet the 140 feel so unlistenable?

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The NAP140 should be head and shoulders better than the NAP90 - I have a CB NAP90, NAP110, and NAP110/140 and the NAP90, while a nice little amp, is by far the weakest of the trio. It could just be that the NAP140 is revealing more bass which means you may need to try re-positioning your speakers to compensate. It should be worthwhile though as there should be gains in every area.


Thanks. It makes sense of course. I just can’t find the sweet spot in my room. I have just switched back to the 90 and yeah it booms too but just not as much.

This might be a wild generalisation but it does seem I only get the horrific boom on records that are newer - as in stuff made within the last 5-10 years. Odd isn’t it?

You haven’t said what your source is. Could this be effecting the sound?

It happens with all sources but I primarily listen to vinyl

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